old bad "wordly" habits creeping back in

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  • HappyDad


    #2 Celebrating birthdays and holidays.

    AND THE MOST IMPORTANT.......................

    #1 Doing what I want to do to make ME happy! I spent too many decades being told that I AM happy being in the "only true religion".........only to realize that I wasn't! And believe me.....................I AM HAPPY TODAY.


  • wednesday

    I voted and was actively political this year. I curse occ. I used a lot of slang as a jws, like "screwed up" and "darn" and "gee" . They all thought i was a terrible sinner. Oh yeah, I openly dislplayed a dream catcher hanging from my rear view mirror the 2 yrs before I left. so they all thought i was into Wicca or a pagan. I was neither and still am not, but I own a lot lmore dream cathcers and cool stuff like that. i celebrate some holidays, not all. We are still in the closet about that.

  • kaykay_mp
    Oh yeah, I openly dislplayed a dream catcher hanging from my rear view mirror the 2 yrs before I left. so they all thought i was into Wicca or a pagan.

    It just goes to show how much they know: the dream catcher is a Native American thing (am I too PC?)

    Geez. What a bunch of dumbasses.



  • wednesday

    I love native american things. My hubbby is really "into" all that, so we have many things around the house.

    yes is so stupid to be afraid of a little dream catcher. everything they fear is associated with the occult. dumbasses.

  • jt stumbler
    jt stumbler

    Started smoking as my father died in my arms from Parkinsons. Stopped smoking and took up chewing. Grew a beard for elk hunting and decided I kinda like it.

  • CoonDawg

    Well, when my mom and dad were visiting me during my "in between marriages" stage of life, I banged the bejezus outa her with them in the next room. I have lots of friends...only one of which is a JW...but he's my friend that would go with me after a meeting to share a quart of beer and talk about life. I grew a beard...had it for several years until I got a job that required me to shave (for safety...that respirator has GOT to seal) I really really really really love smoking a good high quality cigar and I chew tobacco. I love to gamble and even had my JW wife playing nickel and penny slots when we went to Vegas last year. I regularly play the lottery with no regret. I still indulge my always existent porn habit and I curse a pretty fair ammount. I became and will stay politically active with no feelings of guilt...only regret at outcomes and lots of cursing as a result. I am a workaholic who loves the fact that this year I made more money than ever in my life. Only once did I even earn HALF of what I made so far this year...and I still have a month to go. I know finally REALLY know my neighbors and openly associate with them.

    Hey, I'm loving my wife. The only regret I have is that my ex-wife hasn't contracted some swift acting but excruciatingly painfull fatal illness. and that's the only "sinful" thing I feel I'm engaging in because in my heart, I don't like it that I have the capacity to really hate someone like I hate her.


  • Flash
    ...anything creeping back????

    Not really. I did have a couple of pre-witness tattoos redone this year.

  • Coqueton

    Association, sex, drinking, sex, partying, sex, allowing hotties to take advantage of me, going to holiday parties, sex. lol

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