old bad "wordly" habits creeping back in

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  • minimus

    Babygirl, how are you a "do-gooder"? Inquiring minds want to know.

  • missy04

    well I couldn't be df'ed because I wasn't baptized, and I'm sure all this stuff wouldn't be considered serious enough to be df's for if I had been baptized, but..

    1) smoking ...2) peircings...3)...associating with "bad association"..4)..OH, and associating with all you apostates! lol


  • Evesapple

    since I grew up a witness I never formed any world habits I only coveted them :)

    seriously, since I'm a health nut somewhat, I don't smoke, I drink minimally....as far as pre-marital sex well, I'm married to him now so it doesn't really matter :)

    the only true worldly so called habit I coveted was to have fun without guilt.......

  • whyamihere

    You know whats funny?

    I was a cool witness! I really was I did not judge people at all if they went to meetings or service or whatever I never cared about that and no should.

    I didn't go to all of the meetings or out in service all the time. I was cool I had a ton of friends. JW's and Non JW's. Best JW out there was Nancy Drake and Briana. They were like me!

    I guess I did judge some...those who needed a bath or gum or those who needed to get a life and stop looking at my boobs. God Dammit!

    I did smoke some and I drank and I hung out with all sorts of people in school. I tried the hash. So what! I wasn't a mean or a bad person I was honest take that how you ever want it. But most of all I was fun and the party did not start until I got there!

    However I was told that I should get baptized and I had my fun being a kid so I thought what the hell I guess I have nothing else to do. It will took me awhile for the fact the Elders did not like me nor thier wives but I got baptized! Blan blah blah en shit!

    So as time went on my husband and I thought everyone is nuts and I went back to being me! Doing whatever and if they catch me then fine I am really not doing anything bad or what they want me to do and thats keeping my skirts lower, attend the meetings, and become stupid, go out in service all damn day, make my kids stupid, and cook and clean and say yes master to my husband, and take my lips and put it on thier ugly odd nasty saggy pale white asses! No Thanks I am full!

    I am cool I don't care who you are and what you do!


  • BrendaCloutier

    Since I was raised a dub, I didnt "develop" those old bad habits. I did, however, have a propensity for swearing.... I learned that from my dad, a JW Elder, served as PO, on JC, the works. I heard him cuss out other elders and calling them jackarses when appropriate. Trust me, the ones he cussed out were idiots.

    Upon leaving, in my early 20's, I did swing into becoming an "immoral" rebelious apostate. Did my fair share of raising hell, and then some. You name "it", I probably did "it". Except street drugs scared the hell out of me. I did do some pot, some speed, and some coke. I drank extensivly (inherited alcoholism from birth-mother). I knew alcohol. It was legal. I stuck with it.

    And hey, I got into sailboat racing! Whoa, an ex JW in a competitive sport. I learned a lot of skills though racing: teamwork, my own physical abilities and talents, honing my mind (it is a technical sport), the appreciation of being on the open water and what Ma Nature can do when she want's to. (In 1988 my primary boat - I usually raced on several - was the 10th most winning boat on Puget Sound).

    And drinking and raising hell afterwards in the clubhouse.

    It's my alcoholism that got me back to "normal". I had to sober up or die. I sobered up in 1990.

    I had an excellent career in computers that I developed with little formal education. Had to quit work because of chronic illness.

    Today I live my life in peace. The only sin in my book is intentional harm. However, I'm far from ever being able to get back to the "moral" constraints of my upbringing. "I've seen the light!" I live with the love of my life without the "benefit" of marriage. After 3 divorces I doubt I'll marry him. I smoke about 6 quality cigarettes a year. I get into swearing jags where there's an expletive or two in just about every sentence. I have "worldly" friends, and no "JW" friends (their loss). I believe Jehovah is a false god, and the closest we can come to seeing "god" is through "his" works.... the heavens and the earth and all that is in it ... through science!

    Gosh, I still am an apostate!



  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    I now say "bless you" when someone sneezes.

    I'm sure I'd like to live with someone prior to legal marriage in the future.

    I'm not big into decorating, but it'll be nice to hang a different decorative flag for each season, perhaps even a wreath on the door depending on the season.


  • red so deep
    red so deep

    well, nothings really creeping back in, it's all new to me cause i've been raised a dub. but lately my sins are bad association!, smoking (tobacco and ganja) drinking once in a while, loose conduct (porneia), and well....not believing WT crap anymore... oh, and it seems as though i've been labeled as bad association now, cause some of my friends in the org are getting heat for associating with me.

  • babygirl

    min...yes i have seen that you do hve quite the inquiring mind

    it was mentioned that i was thinking more about all the bad stuff i cld be doing outside the society instead off all the good there is out there to do, i said i was a dogooder bce i do good works for my fmly, friends, work mates, neighbors, etc...i do and have always seen the good there is out there and since leaving the org the light gets brighter and brighter...
  • minimus

    I see....the ...I mean the ......I mean the .....Gotcha!

  • kaykay_mp
    I keep finding myself giving naughty girls spankings that they are in desperate need of.

    Yay!! laters kaykay_mp

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