Whats Your View on most JW's

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  • DevonMcBride

    I only know 3 JW's and they all seem to lack self esteem. Two of them were not born into the faith and at the time of their recruitment they both were going through some stressful family issues. The hope of living in a problem free Paradise on Earth makes their present situations tolerable.

    Based on the 3 I know personally, my view is that they are very nice, sincere and honest people. One of the 3 is a friend of mine and I would do anything I could to help him in time of need. They believe the "truth" is the truth and feel they are doing the right thing by prosyletizing.


  • mrsjones5

    I wasn't going to comment on this topic thinking (y bother when some jws here think we "apostates" are so bad and bitter - boohoo ) but after reading a few of the replies I thought I would put in my 2 cents. Frankly I don't care what jws think of me, but I do think that jw rank and file are being and have been misled by the society.

    I'm not bitter about not being a jw since I was never baptised as one (I was only born and raised as one and as my mom tells me that doesnt count) and I really think that if jws are so bothered by the comments on this site (which last time I heard wasn't sanctioned as a proper place for good little jws in good standing to be) then maybe they really shouldn't come here.

    This is a place for those who are doubting, who think they are crazy for not comforming to the bull the society puts out, for those who have left and need support, for those who only knew the jw crap for all their lives and just want to know that they are not alone. This place is open to all - yes even to jws, but please the xjw put downs in no way will ever make me think that the society's org is the place for me and mine - actually it has the opposite affect.

    Also I want to say that when I tell people of my past involvement with the jws, they almost alway say "isnt that a cult?"

    Mrs Jones

  • LyinEyes

    When I see those from my congregation, those who shun me, I feel for them. I do get a little pissed, but mostly I know how they are feeling, as I felt the same way when I was a dub. They do not even see how they are in a brainwashed cult. I feel sorry for them, wasting all of their lives, their time going door to door and I wish they had the freedom that I have now. I want so bad to grab them and tell them that I still care for them, that even miss some of them,,,,,,,but I know that would not work. The worst part is they think I am the one with evidently, some mental disorder that lead me away from "the truth".

  • kaykay_mp
    Are they deceived, brain-washed, people in need of help to realize the truth or Are they callous, cold hearted, and self-righteous losers?

    well, they start out as brain-washed ppl and if they have any kind of important position in the cong (like an elder, pioneer, bethelite, or annointed) then they turn into callous, cold-hearted and self-righteous losers.



  • Jez

    I am angry and I vent that because it is like I was spirtually, mentally and emotionally violated by an organization that I loved and trusted as much as my own father. I would have died for them, THINKING that I was dying for God!!! Oh yes, I am very angry because I have now seen the undeniable truth, they are just another religion/cult/sect/high control group and I was duped.

    I think to myself, "How could I not have seen or known?"

    Answer: They made sure I did not. They hide things from me. They told me what to read and what not to. Who to talk to and who not to. I BELIEVED.

    Now, they hold my family from me. That is as blatently against bible principles as you can get.

    Not all the ppl in it are evil, I agree with ppl on here who said it is management. HOW I WISH WE WOULD ALL GO ON STRIKE.

  • lonelysheep
    (which last time I heard wasn't sanctioned as a proper place for good little jws in good standing to be)

    No, they definately shouldn't be here according to their rules!

    Pondering on my two family members and friends who are in and baptized, as well as others:

    They are so brainwashed into thinking this religion is the end all be all if you want to have God's favor.

    Thus, they use any fear tactics possible to try to persuade others to join or stay in once they've started studying.

    They mean well (at least those I know).

    They are very judgemental of those who are not jw's and feel as though they have a right to be!

    Unknown to most, they see only darkness when it comes to what love really means.

  • iiz2cool
    No, they definately shouldn't be here according to their rules!

    Yes, they are disobeying the faithful and discreet slave?, Jehovah's modern day organization?, and his only channel of communication with mankind?. These dogs have not yet returned to their vomit, but they are definitely en route to it. Their punishment will be swift and severe! "As manure on the surface of the ground they will become!" "Their blood will be poured out like dust and their bowels like the dung!" Their names will NOT be written in the "book of life" but they will be thrown into "gehenna"! "That is where the weeping and gnashing of their teeth will be!"

    Yup, in 20 years as a JW they really taught me how to love my neighbor.


  • one

    I dont buy the sfuff about being blinded by the group etc etc, look when you reach at "legal" age... heck long before that anyway common sense was part of you thinking stlyle options.

    Probably you are a auto mechanic instead of of brick layer or electrician just because you used your freedom to choose and common sense.

    Unless we were born with some kind of birth defect, not uncommon but unnoticed, we choosed not to be shunned and "reported" (not even participated that hard) between 4 to 12 hours in field service...

    If your common sense pushed you to do that, why it did not pushed you to question some doctrines, talk to wordly people, go to libraries and read about anything to enhance your knowledge about religion and history.

    Why? because we are or were ignorant or braindead (ignorance means a lot... it is not my intention to define the word nor all the consecuences of having our bags full of it)

    Those who overcome the two "cristian qualities" mentioned above and STAY, eventually become cinical and predators (to take advantage by my personal dictionary)

  • itsallgoodnow

    I don't think this site is designed to attract and deceive active JWs who want to stay active. So why should we really care how it makes them feel, or if it makes it seem as if all of their prophesying on apostates actually seems true? That's just a persecution complex.

    They think they have all the answers, everything they need. If they come here, they are already smelling a rat.

    If I want to watch what I say so as not to offend JWs, I can go to the KH. If I want to speak freely and ask real questions, I can come here.

  • iiz2cool
    I don't think this site is designed to attract and deceive active JWs who want to stay active.

    Exactly. JWs are often told to avoid "apostate" web sites. An active JW that comes here must already have serious doubts about the watchtower. Unless, of course, he's 'researching' for the society.


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