jw takes blood over plasma in b.c.

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  • MySuperSecret

    When I wasa four I was in Torontos children hospital awaiting heart surgery.Of course it was suppose to be no blood

    24 hrs before the sugery the doctors said they were gonna use blood if they felt the need to use it (this was in 1988)

    They went so far as to rush a court order so I couldnt be taken out of the hospital, my dad went into the hospital grabbed me and left the country..hours before they got the court order.

    Once we were in the states we found a doctor in buffalo and we did the surgery, no problems blood free.


    I had gotten that surgery in toronto I would have had HIV. Thankfully I dont.

    No blood is a choice best left to the individual, but no matter what happens you unfortunatly must live with the consequences. I dont have HIV, those are my consequences.

  • Joyzabel
    had gotten that surgery in toronto I would have had HIV

    that is not a true statement. That is only speculation. And a scare tatic to think getting blood transfusions are bad.

    When you had your surgery done in 1988 the blood was tested. Also it was tested in 1994, but obviously some people are not honest about their history, especially medical history, and people still get transmittable diseases from blood transfusions. Should that mean we should avoid blood transfusions, even when life threatening, because we may get a disease from blood? Should we pull all our teeth because we may get dental carries?

    The symbol for life is NOT more important than life itself.


  • MySuperSecret

    How about this quote?? im gonna find alot more and post them.

    I hate to burst your stupid little bubble but WAY WAY WAY WAY more people die because of blood transfusions then from not having blood transfusions. You people are very ignorant to the real world, You act like good people and show a serious genuine feeling towards people loosing there lives. But your still too stupid to realize that it saves more then it kills...and if it kills theres hope for you in the ressurection. You faithless spineless worms.

    "There is increased awareness that a number of diseases (such as AIDS, syphilis, hepatitis B and hepatitis C and others) can be passed from the donor to recipient. This has led to strict human blood transfusion standards in developed countries. Standards include screening for potential risk factors and health problems including determining donor haemoglobin level, and answering a set of standard oral and written questions, as well as testing donated units for these infections. The lack of such standards in places like rural China, where desperate villagers donated plasma for money and had others' red blood cells reinjected, has produced entire villages infected with the AIDS virus."

  • MySuperSecret

    I know of a witness who had a surgery done when whe was 16, they fought and fought for no blood but the father prevailed in getting a court order and she got blood

    have lost a friend, and I know that her rejecting blood and fighting it even physically right to the end builds my faith...I know she will be around in the new system. All you guys use blood for is an excuse to attack the witnesses. ONLY BECAUSE THEY REFUSE TO HAVE YOU BE A MEMBER!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joyzabel

    pssst MySuperSecret, do yourself a favor and go get a book on critical thinking or take a course at your local community college.

    Otherwise, thanks for providing examples on how JW's can't think but just spout junk they are fed at the KH.

  • undercover
    WAY WAY WAY WAY more people die because of blood transfusions then from not having blood transfusions.

    Is that a scientific conclusion or just an estimate?

  • MySuperSecret

    "Between 5 and 10% of new HIV infections worldwide are

    transmitted through unsafe blood transfusions, with a

    further 5% through unsafe medical injections. Increasing

    evidence shows that targeted interventions to achieve

    infection control through blood safety and injection safety

    are successful and highly cost-effective."

    That came out of a officail WHO document.

  • jgnat

    Orbison, thanks for bringing this topic back up. How is it going in the great white north....gone stir-crazy yet? Joyzabel, I so appreciate your balanced reply on this thread. Recently we read a tragic case on this board about the consequences of not taking Rhogam during pregnancy, posted by Seeking Knowledge. http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/6/82285/1.ashx The results on the infant were tragic.

    I personally know a young child, who, as an infant with the same risk factors, received blood transfusions, the whole nine yards, to preserve his life. He was born with hepatitis from a contaminated blood transfusion. But you know what? He survived. With careful monitoring, he got over his rough start, and is a healthy, bouncing grandchild.

    I don't give the same odds for the first child, born in to a Jehovah's Witness family.

    Doctors use blood transfusions in emergencies, to pull a patient back from the brink of death. As I explained to one blood-abstainer, no clinical trials are required as to a transfusion's effectiveness, because the consequence of traumatic blood loss is obvious. Slit the neck of a cow and it dies in minutes. Chosing a blood transfusion is not made lightly, like picking one vitamin pill over another because the patient thinks one is more effective. Even a contaminated blood transfusion is perferable to the alternative.

    As Joyzabel says so eloquently, life itself is no less holy than the symbol for life.

  • JustTickledPink


    I have a few things to say to you. I was a blood issue baby. I was born to an Rh mother and I had hyperbilirubemia which basically means severe jaundice at birth, I am a fair skinned blonde who was born almost pitch black from all the dead red blood cells in my body. Dead red blood cells are toxic and can kill you.

    My mother with the help of her elders stole me out of the hospital when I was only 10 hours old. The Canadian courts had a court order to take me from her and she stole me moments before the authorities arrived and cared for me in a JW's attic for 3 months while she hid from the cops. I am lucky to be here and lucky that I survived my severe sickness away from the hospital. She tells me the story about how she carried me out in a garbage bag filled with laundry. (Humph, sounds like I could have suffocated in there.)

    I was ALWAYS TOLD that Jehovah saved my life, if she hadn't taken drastic measures that I would have died. I was always told over and over that for every baby given a blood transfusion back in 1974 that 5 out of every 10 babies died. That is a 50% mortality rate. I always swallowed that statistic. I never questioned it. She never showed me any proof, just told me that I would have died.

    THEN I decided to do some research and read the old New England Journal of Medicine case studies from the 60's and 70's. I also studied the National LIbrary of Medicine's journal from that time... what I found out was THE TRUTH... the actual statistics of babies who were born with my condition had a death rate of 1% - 2% from either complications from the condition OR treatment which is blood transfusion. That means that for every 100 babies, 1 or 2 die. I was terribly sick, I was deathly sick... I could have died, and should have been in a hospital, but the JWs and the elders aided my mother in keeping a newborn baby in an attic!!!! Yes, that sounds like great care to me. What if I had died up there? Then what?

    The stats I was told were lies, and I would have been cared for better in a hospital. So, you might believe your story, just as I believed my story for almost 30 years... then I went back and read case studies. You might want to do the same yourself... Find out for all the patients that had your condition, how many died, and how many died from the disease compared to the treatment. FIND OUT THE FACTS. Then come back here.

    I am thankful I am alive, although I do know if someone took a sick baby and hid out in an attic today they would haul their ass to jail for child endangerment.

  • JustTickledPink

    Also, I am not advocating the use of blood in all cases, yes it has it's risks. BUT you should be informed about the WHOLE SUBJECT and get information on the WHOLE ISSUE before you make statements like "more people die from blood transfusions" than from not getting them.

    The WHO - World Health Organization is also talking about places like India and Africa where the death rate is extremly high due to unsanitary conditions, lots of disease, and other factors. They don't have clean drinking water in some areas.

    Try looking at the statistics for your OWN country and then get back with us please.

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