jw takes blood over plasma in b.c.

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  • JustTickledPink

    I did quote the correct figure for the Red Cross... 91% of money goes directly to the those in need. Yes the other 9% goes to people who run the organization, because there has to be some sort of structure and they hire qualified, educated, and honest people to run the Red Cross. They are not all non-paid volunteers. 91% of monies used directly for those in need is actually a very good number, some charities are 75% or less.

  • RunningMan

    Someone made a really good point a while back - you can't negate a noun, only a verb. So, when you say "abstain from blood", a verb is implied. Which verb? Well, the context (both literary and historical) makes it pretty clear that the verb is "to eat".

    I mean really, you can't abstain from all contact with blood. You're filled with the stuff.

    For example, if you have high cholesterol and your doctor tells you to abstain from red meat, the context tells you that he means "abstain from eating red meat". It does not mean that you could not have a kidney transplant, or that you would have to quit your job at a meat packing plant, or that you should die of starvation rather than eat a steak. That would be just stupid. Yet, JWs claim that abstaining from blood applies to transplants (a blood transfusion is a transplant), to employment (a JW could not work for the Red Cross), and to life sustainment.

    JWs show a singular lack of comprehension when it comes to this issue.

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