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    Does anyone know - in the baptismal pre-study (tm) , did anyone say what "in the name of " was about ?

    I don't remember anyone saying specifically what "in the name of" means (and I couldn't find anything in the Organized to Accomplish our Ministry book), but here's what I think:

    What's in a name? Don't names usually have meanings? Also, if someone has "made a good name" for himself, it means that he has done good things, accomplished much, etc. His "name" comes to represent what he stands for, what he does. So I think that to be baptized in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit means to agree to live your life according to, not be their literal names, but what they represent, what they do, who they are.

    On that note, a few people here have discussed the point that Jesus never specifically said God's name in the Bible...but Witnesses will argue that he used the Divine name because he said "I have made your name known" (John 17:26). Could it be that what Jesus was really saying was that he had made his Father's name known, not just by telling people his name, but by telling them what he stands for, who he is, and what he does? That makes more sense to me - after all, Jesus didn't go around simply saying "God's name is Jehovah" and leave it at that; he taught people about who God is and what he wants, and lived his life as a reflection for our example.

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