What Do You Do When You Get The "Blues"???

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  • minimus

    Thanx Nancy. That's sweet....like an M&M.

  • FlyingHighNow

    First I tell myself that this too shall pass. It depends on the degree of the blues as to what I do next. I might look through my music collection for something I feel will help if I play it. I might watch a funny show or movie. I might ask Andy for some hugs and empathy. I have once in a while asked for help here for bigger problems. If I'm worrying about my children or grandchildren then the blues will be almost unbearable. I have herbs and supplements that I take to help. Sometimes just going to work where I help other people will help get my mind off things.

    You know, this is something I have discovered lately that brings me comfort. I live very far from my kids and grandkids. I got to see my grandsons only once in the last 14 months. But my friend and coworker gets to see hers every few days and babysit for them,etc. I watch the joy she experiences and I think to myself: there are a lot of parents and grandparents who aren't separated from their children/grandchildren and I'll be happy for them. It always makes me feel warm to think about that.

  • Mulan

    Ice Cream................it's medicine. Makes you feel better.

    If it gets really bad, I have 2-3 shots of Scotch (over an hour or two), watch TV and go to bed. Usually wake up feeling better.

  • nilfun

    a cuddle and a kiss always helps.

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