Were you ever a victim of the "JW STARE"?

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  • misspeaches
    I have a disfellowshipped friend who loves to get stared at. He puts his fingers to his head like horns, and hisses loudly(think Elaine on Seinfeld). It makes me laugh every time.

    LOL... that is gold... Get him to do the Elaine dance while he is at it...

  • damselfly

    I'm half wishing they would go back to the slack jawed stare and stop talking to me already.

    Lately every time I run into a Jw they have extended conversations with me about what I've been up too. What do they want?


  • outoftheorg

    One time I was in a mans clothing store and noticed this elder was there, quite a ways away from me.

    Keep in mind this was the jerk that once told me that " there is nothing I enjoy more than a good argument or a fight".

    He was slowly walking my way and then noticed me. He got this very confused look on his face and started to walk faster, away from me.

    I saw a chance for some fun and started to walk quickly after him and he actually ran out of the building.

    With me walking fast and laughing. Then I look around and several people are looking at me with this "what the hell was that" look.

    Another time my wife and I went into this restaurant and there was an elder and another younger man there.

    It was obvious they were talking about me and the young man would turn in his chair to stare at me.I had to go to the bathroom so I got up and walked close by their table and said to the elder "hi Rosco I hear you have been in the hospital. How are you doing? I also put my hand out and he out of nowhere shook hands with me, with this dumfounded look on his face. I then leaned my right hip against the young man and I thought he may feint and fall off his chair.

    Now when Rosco sees my wife and I, he loudly says hi Donna and ignores me. Then I, not too loudly but enough for others to hear say "hey its brother holier than thou".


  • Dan-O

    "Were you ever a victim of the STARE? When, and did you do anything?"

    Sure. I checked to make sure my fly was zipped.

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