COMPLAINT DEPARTMENT: now open for business

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  • Tim Horton
    Tim Horton

    I think we should all send candidlynuts a $1 so she can buy a nice kickass pair of shoes and stop her bitching. Ha ha. HEY girl, I've got a closetful, come on over and pick some. Tell me the kind you like and your size and address and I'll mail ya a pair of nice comfy but of course sexy shoes. Female definition. THONGS! Chris Add up all those dollars and she'll have some nice shoes.

  • Tim Horton
    Tim Horton

    ok boys, how did we go from talking about complaining to you shaving your balls. Are you sure you don't have alot of estrogen build up because this is borderline female type conversation. I think I have more testosterone flowing through my veins than you two. I mean, come on, a man that shaves his balls. That is one nasty imaginary vision. yuck. Very gross, very gross, very bald. This sounds like a Seinfeld episode. Rusty

  • under74

    So are Chris and Rusty part of a multiple personality or just two people that can't set up two different accounts? "I'm tired of complainers. c" Hmmm...that's interesting-let me take a look back at the last thread you started...Anyway, I'd lay off Canididly, a lot of us are feeling the pinch right now. But we're all glad you can afford a closet full of shoes.

  • candidlynuts

    ah th you rock! i'd take you up on it but ya know i'm from the south and i go barefoot till the frost lol.

    i'd drive barefoot to drive thrus till my b/f said " you know its illegal to drive barefoot" and made me start wearing shoes!

    and the ball shaving thing......... vanity thy name is MAN! if you shave the short hairs off whats your woman gonna grab onto when she wants you to LISTEN to her? oh gee whiz watch american wedding and just watch how the boy on that does it lol

  • JH

    Why can't they pave every street in the city at least once every 10 years. The roads here are HORRIBLE.

  • Swan

    Our weather has been too nice lately. I'm afraid if the NW doesn't change back to steady drizzle soon, we are going to get an influx of sunshine seekers. That in turn makes it too crowded, and the lines at the latte stand are already too long. And why don't they make a chocolate covered coffee bean that isn't all gritty. To avoid the grit I have to let all of the chocolate melt off and then after sucking on the bean, spit it out. Yuk. It reminds me of Oreo's that dissolve too fast when you dunk them in coffee or milk and then disintegrate just before you get them into your mouth and ruin your shirt. And when you go to do the wash, why aren't our clothes embedded with waterproof microchips so they can automatically sort themselves into the right piles. Everything else has microchips now, so why not clothes. Even my oven has a microchip. It is a self-cleaning oven. So if they are smart enough to make a self-cleaning oven, why don't they make the oven clean up the rest of the kitchen? Why do they put stickers on every piece of produce now? We know it's a tomato! Did they quit teaching the kids how to identify vegetables in kindergarten. My kindergarten teacher was mean. I was like looking forward to kindergarten, and I really had fun that day, but then she expected me to come back the next day and the day after that. 13 years later, they finally said, don't come back. Now I have abandonment issues. Why does therapy take so long? They need to invent a pill that overnight makes you normal and not write in run on sentences or complain so much on this thread and everyone who posted here should have to take it and the pill should also help other mental cnoiditons like dsyxleia and attention deficit disor

  • StinkyPantz

    I got a burger from Wendy's today, and it had mayo on it! Gross!

  • Stefanie

    I dont like mayo on my burgers either.

    Complaint for the day?

    I am making chicken for dinner.... The only problem is that i got such a big one that it looks like a turkey and its legs are sticking out of the pot... so now i have to keep turning it over and over and over till it gets cooked evenly..

    That and i dont have a date!

    And the babies both went to the bathroom at the same time!

    That was three... sorry

  • harleyquinn

    i'm with preston....i would like more friends....especially ones that live know who you are!

  • Terry

    This was a fun thread. Time to resurrect it!

    Let us hear some NEW complaints!

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