I tried drilling through my hand today!

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  • BrendaCloutier

    Nos, find anything interesting in there?

    I've not had any work related injuries, except stiff neck working at a computer.

    I have stabbed my left hand two different times with an oyster-shucking knife. They are about as dull as they come. Like stabbing yourself with a blunted screwdriver.

    Nothing exciting.


  • Elsewhere
    How about my sister-in-law whose front-closing bra fell apart at work? She went and got the heavy-duty stapler, didn't bother to remove the bra first, and kapow!


  • LittleToe

    I once had a new saw jump off a piece of wood I was cutting and near take my finger off.

    Also had an electric plane jump and wrap my workshirt up in the mechanism - that could as easily have been my leg.

    I was glad to change careers into computing, in the mid 90's and this year to move into management.
    Different dangers...

  • Nosferatu

    Nos, find anything interesting in there?

    Found some blood and a chunk of the plastic I was drilling. I got home and showed my wife. She gave me shit for not washing it out. I just told her that it didn't hurt that much. She pinned me down and put a bandaid on it :)

  • mkr32208

    I used to get shocked at work all the time (electrician) hot checking houses with the power on it was only 110 and it was just so much quicker! Lots of little cuts... lots of BIG cuts.... Lets see the worst...

    Was taking apart some industrial shelving (big home depot style stuff) and one of the pieces in the pile slid off and the teeth that hold the shelf on (each tooth is about 2 inches high 1.5 inches deep three teeth total) hit me in the shin it really hurt like hell. when I went to move the metal it wouldn't move I looked down and the teeth had gone right between the tibia and fibia in my leg and slid down just like my leg was the shelf... locked right in there! I had to lift up on it then pull it out... the cut didn't hurt that bad it was the huge piece of metal slaming into my shin that hurt (getting 23 staples wasnt' loads of fun either) thats about the worst work injury I've had... lots of "hobby" related injuries LOL! And thankfully my new job hasn't given me any injuries yet...

  • gumby


    Nosmeister....ouch! I haven't drilled through my finger, but I've had the phillips head driver slip out of the screw slot when I'm starting a screw and poked the crap out of myself a bunch of times.

    As for injuries, I've staples through my boot into the web of two toes, and cut two fingers with a circular saw. Hey...I haven't cut off my penis yet!


  • Schizm


    As for injuries, I've stapled through my boot into the web of two toes....


    That's shocking to hear. What sort of tool were you using exactly? I cut off the tip of my pinky in a sheet-metal cutting machine when a junior in high school. Lucky to have barely missed the bone. Played havoc with my trying to fret the guitar.


  • bem

    Worse accident for me, my first job as a fry cook when I was a teen-ager. Dropped a basket of fries into hot cooking oil, Splashed the hot oil on my chest! The worse part for me at the time beings how I was young was the embarassment of where I was burned instead of the actual wounds.

    Hope your still feeling little pain Nos.

  • LittleToe

    I once crushed a nerve in my pinky finger when stripping some wire in a tight spot on a rewire (it took about five years for the feeling to come back, and would be the first part to go numb every Winter).

    Talking about electricity, since 240v is the standard electrical voltage over here, I've had a couple of pretty nasty shocks. I was once replacing a window where there was a lovely old brass two-pronged shaver socket in the surround. After being told by the householder that it had been killed off in the rewire a few years before (it had the old crumby rubber coated wiring) I promptly set about the wires with a pair of nair pincers (it was too much effort to go downstairs for the insulated sidecutters, for something that was dead, right?). As I held the earthed brass fitting and snipped the first wire both elbows and my chest exploded with pain.

    LOL @ Schizm.
    I know I shouldn't laugh but you out that well!

    It also reminded me of a friend of mine who sliced off the end of a finger with a Stanley knife. he popped it straight back on and held it there, bandaging it when the bleeding stopped. When it healed he realised that he'd put it back on wrong and now he is eternally endowed with an unusual fingerprint!!!

    Screwdriver stabbings count as well, huh? Ok!
    I'm impressed by the stapling incident. Steel toe-capped boots aren't standard there, huh?
    Though there's an urban legend that an Irishman once was so proud of his steelies that he boasted you could run over them with a steamroller. He soon found out that whilst the steel remained intact, that the steel inserts would pierce the soles of the boot, as he found his toes stapled to the road...

    My cousin has to take the biscuit for being the most calamity-prone, though. He truly did some silly things, often with my uncle on the receiving end.
    Just one non-painful funny, though. He was once digging up a domestic sewer pipe, replacing 18" broken clay pipes with a PVC drain. as he was fetching pieces out he came across this bar of something, that he couldn't make out. On closer examination it was a desiccated turd from the 60's. He screamed, jumped, and threw it, all in one swift motion.

  • Tim Horton
    Tim Horton

    I walked into a pole on the way to school, not work, but still very humiliating. I did it several times after that. Blond material or what? Sorry to all you blonds out there. Don't hurt my okay? Rusty

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