Let's hear some funny sayings that kids come out with !

by hubert 22 Replies latest social humour

  • simplesally

    My daughter goes grocery shopping with me and she 'demands' a certain brand of chocolate milk. But I had put it in the spare fridge when we got home. She opened the kitchen fridge and exclaimed,

    WHAT THE HELL, we forgot the chocolate milk!

    She doesn't say its foggy outside...........instead she will say,

    It's froggy outside
  • doodle-v

    My sister has for little boys. One time she told them it was time for bed, and the littlest one piped up:

    But mooom! Outside is still on! (meaning it was still light outside)

    They also miss-pronounce breakfast and say "Bref-kiss" LOL!


  • drwtsn32

    My friend was walking with his 4 year old son. They saw a man holding an empty coffee can begging for money. The son said, "Dad, I think that man wants some coffee!" The dad said, "No son, I think he is asking for money."

    The son said, "Ohhh ok. Probably to go buy some coffee."

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