My daughter and granddaughter.

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  • bem


    I am so sorry for all that you have been put through.


  • kat2u

    to continue again....

    T had a baby girl who was perfectly normal last january so my grandaughter Emily is almost a year old,She is so beautiful from what I have seen of her.I did get to see her at the hospital the day she was born. But have not been allowed to see her except in passing since then.We live in the same town so I run have run into them a couple times.

    T has informed me that my ability to have any relationship with herself or Emily depends on my standing in the eyes of jehovah. Meaning the elders I repeated to her when she told me this.

    I will not ever be a witness again!!! I will not love my children with CONDITIONS. I told T when I talked to her last that I love her and Emily no matter what and though I wont be a witness again that I will always be here for them if they need me.

    By the way her new husband seems a nice man from what I can tell.And whenever I see him he has shown me more love and respect thanT. He even calls me mom. But of course he doesnt go out of his way to see me either as any good dub.

    So my heart aches for my eldest daughter and grandaughter. And to keep her on the straight my MOTHER super witness, makes sure to stay in close contact with my daughter to keep her in line.Though this mother of mine was NOT there when things were bad! either when my daughter was sick nor her son!!!!!

    Sorry to go on so long it feels good to get some of this stuff out.

  • LittleToe


    Sometimes it's nice just to vent, isn't it?

  • Tim Horton
    Tim Horton

    (((Kat))) I read your post and I am so sickened and upset to hear this. A bit of my story. I will try to be short. When I was 6 years old I was in a very bad boating accident ( mast hit my head, I fell backwards into the cockpit down 6-7 feet onto my head again) One month later I started to have seizures. I had them at the kingdom hall, everywhere. I would go blind and deaf and twitch all over the place. I took various kinds of medication to control them(fenobarb etc, dilantin). My teen years were horrible. I was afraid of people. I would hide in my room so as not to go to school. Afraid of seizures, teasing etc. My mom is handicapped( muscular dystrophy) I have stuck by her my whole life. Cleaning, cooking, gardening. This whole summer I spent building their deck. When I hit 14 I got really rebellious. I picked the worst possible guy ever. A 19 year old skin head. He beat me called me names, stalked me, it was horrible. After that, another horrible guy who cheated on me various times and beat me some more. I can't comprehend why your daughter is doing this to you. She sounds selfish. I'm sorry to say that. Maybe she has emotional problems like myself. I am one messed up cookie right now.My mom and sister have disowned me as well. So Kat if you need a daughter I'll fill in anytime. I'm always there for you because I need a Mom too. Love Chris

  • Sassy

    I was just laying in bed crying this morning before work..thinking about family lost because of the WTS. god I hate that cult.

    what is love? if it is supposed to be the identifying mark? and they are the 'true religion', then why do that alienate the very ones who need each other.. family.. flesh and blood?

    I am sorry Kat.. none of us can replace that pain.. but we sure can empathise.. this whole situation sucks and is unfair.. damn it gets me upset.. its ok for you to be there for them in crisis.. only to have you not be good enough for them now because of that damn religion

  • doodle-v


    Thank you for sharing your story. My thoughts are with you and your family today. I can only imagine how difficult this must be.


  • codeblue

    Kat, we have talked a little bit about your kids, but this is very detailed...omg

    I have to agree with what Sassy just is amazing how "conditional" our family's love is for us.

    You have been an excellent mother, and one day your daughter will realize it.

    Sending you many hugs,


  • Tim Horton
    Tim Horton

    This morning I told you a bit about myself, just to let you know that I really deeply understand. Deeling with the medical/doctors giving you the run around. I have been through this myself and so has my mom with her muscular dystrophy. I cried my eyes out this morning when I read your post so I am sorry if I rambled quite a bit. I was very upset. I can't believe that human beings can treat others of their kind in such a manner. We truly are worse than animals. I put more faith in a dog than I do in Mankind. Sad but true. I hope your daughter will someday see the treasure that you truly are as I can see it just in those two posts today. All the best to you. Tim horton's wife-Chrissie. I know that others will agree that you are a treasure, a wonderful woman, mother and grandmother. smiles and hugs-Stepmom

  • confusedjw

    I think that the worst part of stories like this is how powerless a person is and feels to reach their family still in the JW's. The frustration becomes almost unbearable as it is nothing more a hostage situation. "Either come back and be a JW or you will never see your family again" - says God. Execpt God is the man behind the curtain.

    Kate, this must have been tough to write and horrible to live through. I'm sorry. I wish your daughter could know and enjoy the unconditional love you have for her and that because of your Motherly Don't Mess with My Child love she is alive. That you did what your heart told you and got your child well. That you fought for her and won.

    I'm sorry it turned out shitty, but you did the right thing, are doing the right thing by letting her know of your continued love. I feel upset for you and pissed off and angry. This "do what the man behind the curtain says or never see your family again" thing is really getting to me.

  • New Castles
    New Castles


    I was so touched by your story. I will never be a witness again either, its a place where they teach to look down on those not like them. Im sorry you are going through this ordeal. Hopefully someday, your daughter will realize all you have done for her and be appreciative.

    Lots of hugs


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