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  • Joyzabel
    Foxx is a classically trained pianist.

    I didn't know that. I play the piano, for myself only , and there were only a few times that it was obvious to me that Foxx was faking it. Otherwise, he impressed me with how well he did. He played the part so well, but how do you channel when Ray wasn't dead when they filmed it?


  • Mulan

    I saw him on Oprah a couple of weeks ago, on the "After the Show" part, and he played piano and sang. He sounded just like Ray to me. (in an imitating way that is)

  • teejay

    A remarkable, remarkable movie. One of the best I've ever seen. If there was anything I would have changed, it would be the length. At 2hrs, 33mins, I thought it was just a wee bit too short. Can't speak for anyone else, but I wasn't quite ready for the credits to roll.

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