Did you pass your driving test 1st time?..if not....

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  • LittleToe

    The bottom line is that you can already drive! You do it every time you get in the instructors car.
    You just need to perform on the day so that they'll give you a piece of paper to wave at the nice policeman as he hands you a speeding ticket

  • Brummie


  • poppers

    I passed on my first try. I was the last person tested that day and as the examiner and I got in the car an old buddy of the examiner showed up - seems they hadn't seen eachother in many years. So the examiner invited him to ride along in the backseat. During the whole test they visited, with the examiner looking back at his buddy and not really watching what I was doing. I was on the road a total of 5 minutes! All he really cared about was talking with his friend and getting rid of me as soon as possible - thankfully he passed me with only a minor discrepency on my left turns.

  • Simon

    I did get to honk my horn at someone while taking my test ... I'm quite proud of that.

    Some nut in the traffic in front turned right at lights but then stopped at the red that was opposite the queue of traffic to our left. I was sat across what would be a lane of traffic when the lights changed so I honked my horn to 'gee him up'. Luckily, a motorcycle cop was just behind me and made it quite clear to the guy that he should go (banged on the side window and pointed "go!").

    I would take the test if I were you, ignore the instructor. If he won't provide the car then demand your money back and get lessons elsewhere in future (IMO)

  • drwtsn32

    I didn't pass the first time. I can't imagine why, but they automatically fail you when you have two wheels on the sidewalk. I had to wait two weeks to try again. LOL

  • dorothy

    Here in Canada we make DAMN sure we pass it the first time. Not doing so means you're out $100. And it costs another $100 to take it again.

  • mkr32208

    Car yes Motorcycle no (2nd try) ambulance yes boat yes airplane no (haven't taken #2) submarine... still in training! lol

    Good luck!

  • LittleToe

    So Brummie, what hapened in the end???

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