Did you pass your driving test 1st time?..if not....

by Brummie 37 Replies latest jw friends

  • blondie

    It took me 3 times.

    1) The guy told me afterwards that he always flunked people the first time.

    2) The weather was dangerous but the DMV had a rule that if you cancelled it was the same as failing....

    3) I finally passed. I found out later that I had dated the tester's nephew who put in a good word for me. But I did pass.


  • Mulan

    I passed the written the first time. I studied the manual and I don't recall that I missed any questions.

    Andi, we had to get higher than 78 on ours. I got 76 the first time, then 77. The time I passed, I got 81. So it wasn't any great shakes, but I passed. That's all I cared about.

  • Cicatrix

    No, because I hit a car while trying to manuever around the circle drive of the school. The driver's ed teacher had me get my eyes tested, and that's when they discovered I have difficulty seeing around dusk and dawn. Now that I know, it's not a major problem. At least I only knocked the dust off from the car, and didn't do any permanent damage.

    I'm sure you'll do tons better than I did, lol. But good luck anyway, Brummie.

  • Englishman

    I passed my test in 1964 in a car like this:

    The Austin A 30. 848 cc of raw power!


  • Nancy Drake
    Nancy Drake


    That car does not look appropriate for Field Service...tsk tsk.

  • Mulan

    Mike, I think I could have parked that car. I used the family car, a 1960 Lincoln Continental, in 1961. It was really long.

    Now I can parallel park very easily, no matter how big the car, or how small the space. Confidence!

  • jb

    I passed the first time. Now I drive a school bus for a living!! And yes I have to parallel park it. (it's easier without the kids in it......they fog up the windows!)

    Don't worry you can do it.

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    Yes....and every time I've changed States, I've passed it the first time, too.

  • kwintestal

    Yes. I started driving right after "Graduated Licencing" went into effect in Ontario so I had 2 car tests. I later got my transport truck licence and motorcycle licence. I now drive a city bus.

    1st test 5 mins

    2nd test 40 mins

    Transport truck test - 30 mins

    Motorcycle - 2 mins


  • kwintestal

    BTW, Good luck Brummie!


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