Did you pass your driving test 1st time?..if not....

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  • CountryGuy

    Yup. Passed it on the first try two days after my 14th birthday! I was ready to get my license and had studied for it the whole week before. Went back a month later and passed the driving portion, which thankfully did not include parallel parking.

    I've been driving ever since...

  • freedom96

    I did everything perfect, until it came to making a right hand turn at a light. There was a bicycle lane there, and I was supposed to turn my head all the way to the right to look for a possible person on a bike. Never mind the fact that I had been on the same road for a mile or so, and no one on a bike anywhere. That one thing, and they failed me.

  • Brummie

    Congrats to all of you who passed at some point!

    I just had my last lesson before the test day and my driving instructor just told me not to take the test on Monday!!! I went over the white line that seperates lanes 2 times while turning right, raised the clutch too high ONE time so I stalled(I havent done this for ages)...got nervous on a wierd roundabout that I had never done before.

    Last week he let a girl take her test who made so many blunders that the instructor stopped the test after only 20 minutes, she sounded nuts, she went spinning round a corner thinking the cars coming towards her would stop at a red light that had nothing to do with her lane, then she made other blunders! This looked bad on my instructor.

    Anyway my instuctor just said he cant afford to put another person up for their test who might fail on something simple, it would look bad on him so he told me to cancel, I am fuming, I now lose the test money. Everyone I know has wished me luck for Monday and now I cant take it, I have no practice except when I am on lessons so have wasted a lot of money just learning how to drive, money I could have spent on a car that I could have practised in. Anyway, I can drive safetly, just not perfectly enough, I think this is all about him and not my ability to drive, 2 weeks ago I asked him if I should cancel or should I take the test, he said I should take the test, today he changed his mind grrr.

  • LittleToe

    I passed first time, and the same with my "Advanced Driving Test", three years ago, too. I had wanted to take it for years and finally took the plunge. It makes quick a difference to my insurance premiums.

    Don't cancel, even if you have to get another instructor to take you out for a few hours!
    The worst that can happen is that you might fail, and so what if you do?
    Better that than wasting the money and the booking.

  • Xena

    Don't cancel Brummie...if that instructor wants you to for his sake then he can pay you for the fees! Otherwise you take that test! I failed the first 2 times I got nervous and was using a car I wasn't used to...it happens ~shrug~

    BTW I think it's great you are trying to get your license!!!!!

  • xjw_b12

    Brummie I failed the first time and I'm the best driver in the world...

    Mistake # 1. Left hand turn at signal light and not keeping wheels straight on, until it was a safe time (complete visability) to make the turn. If you turn your wheels even slighty a vehicle can hit you from behind and force you into the path of incoming traffic.

    Mistake # 2. I took the first test with a manual transmission, and when making a right hand turn I rode the clutch and coasted. This basically puts the car in neutral, therefore you are not considered in gear and under control. I should have downshifted before going into the turn. I fixed that on the next test by borrowinig a friends car with an automatic transmission.

    Good Luck and try to relax. Couple pints of strong ale before hand should help.

  • Angharad

    I passed on the second try.

    First time I was failed because I went too wide when reversing around a corner.

    Good luck Brummie !

    BTW: If the instructor is now saying you should cancel, he should give you the test fees back IMO

  • shotgun

    Nope I passed both times

  • Brummie

    lol shot!

    Xjw I used to cruise the car all the time cus I was scared to take my foot off the clutch, duuurrr, I got over it eventually.

    Xena & Ang, you are right, yes he should pay for the flamin fees, I'll get back to him on that if I dont take the test.

    Thanks a mill you peeps, now you have got my adrenalin going I need to take that test on Monday,

    even if you have to get another instructor to take you out for a few hours!

    Doh, why didnt I think of that? I have just left a message on another driving instructors answerphone, I'm cutting it short but hope somehow he will be able to fit me in, I really doubt it at this short notice and I dont know anyone else.

  • TresHappy

    Passing grade: 70

    My first driving test: 71


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