Lots of things are going wrong...

by Sirona 41 Replies latest jw friends

  • shotgun

    Great news Sirona

    Thanks for listening to my moaning, I know many people have lots of problems too.

    So this week my hub and I went away for a few days to the lake district. We saw some *beautiful* places! I will post some pics soon,

    I would not call voicing the possibility of having cancer and feeling down after the other events you've mentioned moaning. Listening to Valis and Gumby induces moaning..not to mention gnashing of teeth.

    Glad you and Hubby got a nice well deserved get away to relax and recoup as well...

  • Jez

    I read a positive affirmation yesterday that said: "Life is like the ocean, it must ebb in order to surge."


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