Lots of things are going wrong...

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  • Sirona

    Hi All,

    I'm going through a time when so many things seem to be going wrong.

    Doesn't it seem as though it never rains, it pours?

    I know the skeptics will roll their eyes at this suggestion: I think that sometimes things happen this way for a reason, and that when we successfully get through it, we are so much stronger.

    What do you think about the idea that trials sometimes come along for a reason?

    Sirona (of the "searching for a reason" class)

  • Englishman


    Hope you're feeling OK!

    Everything comes in batches, just like buses. When I was selling housefuls of windows, my conversion rate was about 1 in 2 on average. I once made 19 sales in a row. Then I missed on 12.

    Arsenal didn't lose for 49 games. Until yesterday, when they got whupped by Manchester United.

    In other words, sometimes we're on a winning streak and sometimes we're not.


  • LittleToe

    There's an old wives tale that things come in threes. I don't know how much faith I'd place in it, but I do have a strong sense that things happen for a reason.

    I detest the saying "what kills ya only makes ya stronger", though.
    I feel like slapping folks, when they tell me that, even if it does have a glimmer of truth about it!

    Are you saying that Arsenal are stuffed for the next two seasons?

  • Sirona

    So what exact thing is going to stop me quitting my job right now? Apart from the idea that I'm messing things up totally? Apart from thinking that I will lose my pride aswell as my job?


  • Sirona

    Sorry, its just a bad day....well sort of a bad time.

    Thanks Eman and LT for those insights, yes, things do improve eventually (there's only one thing to be sure of, well maybe two, death and change)


  • AlmostAtheist

    Did something happen at work and you're wondering if perhaps it is either a sign that you need to move on or a "mishap" that is sort of cosmically destined to occur to get you to lose your job so you get to your next chapter?

    I don't believe that things happen for a reason, I think they just happen. Under that philosophy, I wouldn't view what happened as anything more than an event. But it could still be telling you something. It's apparent to me that certain people are happy doing certain things. I couldn't paint houses for a living, others couldn't do what I do. If I found myself painting houses, I'd do a crummy job, I'd hate to get of bed in the morning, I'd dread my days. All of those would be "signs" to me to move on.

    Did this help at all? Prolly not. Maybe it'll spark something from someone else!

    Dave of the "hopeful catalyst class"

  • LittleToe

    And taxes...

    I'm always of the opinion that a bird in the hand is worth a hand in the bush...

    I wouldn't recommend handing in your notice until you have another job to go to, regardless of how you feel. Sometimes even taking an interview for another job is liberating. It's taking control of your destiny.

  • Sirona


    Its not just the job, but today handling the job has become difficult. There are a few things that have happened at work that have been really bad, but today something else happened and kicked it all off again (so to speak)

    Apart from that I've had a few things happening which I haven't shared with the board but which have been totally awful (deaths basically, plus health concerns for me)

    So sometimes I wonder if I was a nasty git in a former life, or is this just all random?


    I agree, I wouldn't hurt myself by quitting before having something else....but its bloody tempting!


  • frenchbabyface


    thinking that I will lose my pride aswell as my job?

    I'm sorry you are feeling bad ... but loosing pride is a feeling (get rid of it as soon as possible) I know not easy ... but it's in between you and you ... And change can be very good ... can be better behind an other door.

    Carry on ... Wish you to take over and get what you want and need.

  • jgnat

    I heart a motivational speaker only a few weeks ago who dissed the "comes in threes" superstition. At the same time, he does believe in destiny. He was an awesome speaker, and he gave us all his "Destiny Manifesto" at the end. I thought you might enjoy it about now:


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