QUIRKS; what are yours?

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  • Terry

    Not everybody is quirky. But, we all know people who are....really...really quirky.

    In school you can call them nerds. In society we can avoid them, make fun of them and laugh.

    But, each of us have certain quirks. Some we hide and some we can't.

    We may make excuses for our quirks or hold them up as a badge of uniqueness. However, some are way out of control.

    My wife, for example, is a hoarder. It is a kind of weird mania for bringing things into the house and keeping them in piles until there is no room for anything anywhere. That is a major quirk.

    What is your quirk? What are your quirks?

  • StinkyPantz

    I can't stand wrinkled paper.. I mean.. I really, really hate it..

    I hate seeing two kinds of handwriting on one sheet of paper..

    I love office supplies like pens, pencils, staplers and paper.. just to hold and look at..

    If I have an entree with side dishes, they all must be eaten at the same time. For example, the fries cannot be eaten before the burger.. the last bite of each must be eaten together..

    I chew on pretty much anything available to me..

    ..should I go on?

  • hillbilly

    I dont have any that I notice...... It has, however, come to my attention that most of the world thinks I'm an A**hole. That must be a major quirk eh? Maybe that needs some surgery or something... quirk removal?

    Hill (real crappy week class)

  • Insomniac

    I wash my hands an awful lot. Truly, way more often than most people do.

    I hate cupboard and closet doors being left open; drives me crazy when I go to my bf's house, as he never closes anything, ever.

    I sleep on my right side one night, and my left side the next night. I read an article when I was a child, about a little girl, presumably orphaned, who was abandoned on a city street. She lay for days on her side, while people walked over her. Then she was taken to an overcrowded orphanage, where she was fed but received little other care; too weak to move, she continued to lie on her side. By the time she was adopted by some Americans, her head was all flat on that side. This story scared me so much that to this day, I switch sides nightly.

    I write lists all the time- grocery lists, great names for rock bands, synonyms for commonly-used words, names of historical persons I'd like to meet- on post-it notes, which flutter madly about my apartment like crazed butterflies.

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    I don't know if they're quirks, per se, so much as OCD... but clean *way* too much; bite my nails; have to figure out how many miles to every place I go; kitchen counters have to be clutter-free; and I paint designs on the cat with different non-toxic markers all the time. That's why I got a white cat. She is a hot pink leopard today. I rather like it.

    I also make lists, but keep them in a neat pile on my desk. I even make lists of lists. I have *lots* of phobias, though.. heheheh. And I'm scared of girls who paint their toilets black and decorate them with the heads of cut out rock stars. <snickers at Insomniac>

    Rural Territory Girl

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    Don't wake me up when I'm asleep.....baaaaaaaad quirk.

  • bikerchic

    I'm a very quirky person and have had some of these since childhood.

    1. All closet doors must be shut before I go to bed at night or leave the house. Goes for cupboard doors too.

    2. I check all the doors before I go to bed several times to make sure they are locked and will even get up in the middle of the night and recheck them.

    3. I wash my hands a lot, more than most people and don't like people to touch me cuz you never know where their hands have been or how clean they are.

    4. I make numbered list.

    5. I have to get into bed on my side which has always been the side furtherest from the bedroom door and I have to walk all the way around the bed.

    6. I like the covers of my bed to be straight not bunched up or messy.

    7. I don't like animals in the house.

    8. I love to collect little boxes and odd shaped boxes, I have a whole box full of them.

    9. Early in the morning I open all my shades and as soon as it gets dark I make sure they are all shut so no one can see in.

    10. The toilet paper must roll on on top, not under and I have been known to change it at other peoples houses. They're dorks and don't know better.

    11. I love to save change and have several full piggy banks around the house.

    12. I hate brown leaves on house plants and take them off even at other peoples houses, when they aren't looking, lol

    13. Spiders creep me out in the house and I vacuum them up.

    14. Just cuz I can't end on an uneven number unless it's 17 and I've been told if you have more than 15 quirks you are a quirkaholic.

  • gumby
    In school you can call them nerds. In society we can avoid them, make fun of them and laugh.

    But, each of us have certain quirks. Some we hide and some we can't

    So.........everyone who went to school was a nerd...or just the real real quirky ones?

    *scratches head*

    Edited to add......poor ppor Craig, Kate's a quirkmeister


  • Gretchen956

    hmmmmm, can we say OCD??

    Personally I aspire to be eccentric, funky, and quirky. To be the same as everyone else just seems so, well, ordinary.


  • Insomniac

    And I'm scared of girls who paint their toilets black and decorate them with the heads of cut out rock stars.

    OK, so as Country Goil has pointed out, another of my quirks is that I like to pee in interesting surroundings.

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