QUIRKS; what are yours?

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  • Nancy Drake
    Nancy Drake


    quirk... i like to read the newspaper from back to front..

    i never take the top slice of : cheese, sandwich meat, bread etc

    and i dont like the last bit of milk in the milk jug.. i'd rather give that to the cats and open a new jug

    I think we are the same person! Those are my quirks. Add....I have to pace around the house when I'm on the phone, and if I'm not able to pace I have to be scribbling utter nonsense on a pad of paper.

  • missy04

    I don't like the top slice of bread, cheese, or the last drink of milk either.

    And I don't like to eat after anyone. Especially my mom who started my germ phobia. Sometimes I drink after friends though.

    When I'm preparing lunch or dinner or something,..I feel the need to wash my hands between preparing every food I'm using.

    And I HATE HATE HATE wet hand towels. I can almost see the hand grease swimming on it.

    I hate messes but usually dont clean mine.

    I like to try not to eat during the day and want to eat eat eat at night.

    I always have to pick at my fingers or mess with my hair. I'm suprised it grows so long with me constantly pulling on it.

    I have to say goodnight to my pets before I go to sleep. Usually takes about 3 to 5 minutes a peice because I just hate to leave them. Even if it's only to go across the room. They're so innocent.

    I check the locks, sometimes look on closets before going to sleep.

    I HATEEEEE being home alone. I will call a friend and beg for them to talk to me.

    If my mascara doesn't go on perfect, my day is ruined.

    don't like to paint my fingernails. only toenails. But my doggie's nails are usually painted red or pink or some pretty color.

    I almost ALWAYS have a song stuck in my head. I can only just replace it with another one. A few nights ago I got the song "Another Postcard" stuck in my head. What an annoying song to have in your head when you only know like three verses. So I couldn't sleep till real late because in my head all I could hear was stuff about postcards about chimpanzees in the bath tub and British chimps and chimps playing golf and chimps dressed up in women's underwear.


  • Happy Guy :)
    Happy Guy :)

    What is your quirk? What are your quirks?

    Terry, I noticed you asking for us to share our quirks. You have even provided your wife's quirk. What is your quirk Terry? After all it's your thread.

    Mine is JWs knocking at the door and lying about their beliefs just to try and get a new convert. My quirk is to trip them up verbally. No I'm just joking. There was a time when I got a kick out of that but it got boring after a while. Now I just politely tell them to keep on walking.

    I don't think I have a quirk. Hold on a second I do. I constantly complain about drivers. I can't stand driving anymore everyone is so rude and do not respect the rules of the road. Where I live it's getting very dangerous to drive. If I ever have enough funds one day I will hire myself a full time driver so I can relax when I'm out and about.

  • glitter

    I won't eat off a patterned plate - a border is OK, but I can't eat from an all-over pattern or one with a large design in the middle. Bowls aren't so bad.

    We each have our own mugs and cups, and frequent vistors have their own. We have mugs and cups for other people stored seperately and I'd go thirsty rather than drink from one of them. If an infrequent visitor goes to make a drink and comes back with one of my mugs, I won't use it again for a really long time.

    When I'm eating cereal, I'll eat normally until there are a countable number left - then I will only eat them in odd numbers - 3 or 5 at a time.

    I only eat Tic-Tacs or other small sweets in odd numbers.

    I have to have my bedroom door ajar.

    If I wake up at, say, 17 minutes past, I have to stay in bed until 20 minutes past.

  • hillbilly
    If I wake up at, say, 17 minutes past, I have to stay in bed until 20 minutes past.

    sounds reasonable to me....................................----Hill

  • DanTheMan

    I got in the habit of always rubbing my goatee when I had one a couple of years ago, and even though I haven't worn one in a long time I still find myself rubbing my chin all the time, my boss makes fun of me for it.

    If there is a song playing that I like, I can't help but to move and sing along to it, even if I'm in a public place, the air guitar comes out. I am going to the symphony for the first time in my life tomorrow, they will be performing Beethoven's Ninth, and usually when you see a symphony crowd they're just sitting there not moving at all. I can't see the point, and I'm sure I'll be moving to the music at least a little bit, such a dramatic and inspired piece of music, how could I be expected to just sit still???

  • Terry
    Gumby said:
    In school you can call them nerds. In society we can avoid them, make fun of them and laugh.

    But, each of us have certain quirks. Some we hide and some we can't

    So.........everyone who went to school was a nerd...or just the real real quirky ones?

    *scratches head*

    Edited to add......poor ppor Craig, Kate's a quirkmeister


    I've spotted Gumby's quirk. He likes to reframe discussions in his own terms.


  • minimus

    I just love red M&Ms and 7-Up.

  • Terry
    Bluesbrother says:
    In school you can call them nerds. In society we can avoid them, make fun of them and laugh.

    In the "Truth" we called them brothers.. Is it universal that the congo's contain more than their fair share of 'charecters'?...Who incidentally were more warm and loving than the smart ones..I liked them a lot more.

    Hey, Mrs Terry's quirks have been posted on the world wide web, How about Terry's?

    PS. I have not got any

    I hate to talk on the telephone. I get claustrophobia when anybody calls and I am obligated to speak for a given amount of time.

    I get very upset when somebody begins talking to me without telling me the context of what they are telling me.

    Women's hair is BIG issue with me! I am way too critical and I have to comment on it.

    Women's feet are attractive to me if they are pedicured and shapely.

    I have an almost loathing for anybody who says they "love" something and yet, they know very little about it. "Loving" a piece of music and not knowing the composer, for example.

    I hate being told in advance that I'm going to have to go somewhere and do something next week or next month. It sucks all the oxygen out of my room! I want every minute of my life to be completely obligation-free and spontaneous.

    I hate somebody saying, "Do you mind if I ask you a question?" as if THAT isn't a question!

    I go insane in a movie theatre if the sound isn't just right or the film is out of focus.

    I pout when my wife tells me to turn the subwoofer off before we watch something on tv.

    As a teenager and young adult I'd immediately be completely indifferent to anybody who had a crush on me. Now I'd pay cash!

    I think I'm fat and tend to bristle when anybody disagrees with me.

    I'm impatient with illness in others or myself. I can only IGNORE being sick in myself. I can't abide being solicitous about other people's colds, coughs, muscle aches, etc.

    I want to run screaming when somebody starts telling me what they dreamed last night. I DON'T BLOODY CARE!!

    I compose music all the time and love when people criticize my work earnestly but can never get anybody to really go at it with any zeal. You'd think they'd line up to sock it to me.

    Finally, it makes me sick to watch a middle-aged man (or older) give a young women the eyeball with his gaze lingering at the hot spots! I want to photograph his face and plaster it on billboards. DIGUSTING!!

    Aren't you sorry you asked?

  • StinkyPantz
    I want to run screaming when somebody starts telling me what they dreamed last night. I DON'T BLOODY CARE!!

    OMFG I hate this, too! Dreams are usually only interesting to the people that have them..

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