QUIRKS; what are yours?

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  • harleyquinn

    i have a deathly fear of moths..and most other flying bugs....i think it was all those godzilla/mothra movies i saw as a child....

  • Stefanie

    The toilet seat.. I like when its put down... lol

  • hillbilly

    i like you better with a wet bottom Steph............

    oh, so cute.


  • Stefanie

    LMAO! (((Hill)))

    Its Friday! WOOT!

    Its happend more than a dozen times already.. Mostly when i have been drinking cuz i tend not to look before it sit....

    Another thing crazy thing about me: I hate to be neat! If there is a piece of paper on the floor i will leave it there till i feel good and ready to pick it up..

    Its a dub thing... I hate being neat now.

  • hillary_step


    I am heavily quirked which surprises no-one least of all myself, but I am a contradictory quirkist.

    For example, I am fastidious where personal hygiene and environmental cleaness is concerned to the point of fanaticism, but I am a completely disorganized mess in my personal life.

    My desk looks Bacchus vomited on it, I leave the car keys in the refrigerator and I am always paying last years taxes this year. I have packages that needed to be posted three months ago sitting in a neat pile addressed and ready to go, and I get to the post office with one letter in my hand.

    Lord have mercy on my quirks - HS

  • BluesBrother
    In school you can call them nerds. In society we can avoid them, make fun of them and laugh.

    In the "Truth" we called them brothers.. Is it universal that the congo's contain more than their fair share of 'charecters'?...Who incidentally were more warm and loving than the smart ones..I liked them a lot more.

    Hey, Mrs Terry's quirks have been posted on the world wide web, How about Terry's?

    PS. I have not got any

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    I talk to myself, or express ideas/thoughts aloud when there's no one there to listen or answer back.

    Sometimes when I'm at work, working out an issue on the computer, I'll be like saying my thoughts aloud; I know that's kind of weird, but it's the way I am.


  • Emma

    I talk to strangers. Seriously, I can strike up a conversation with just about anyone. My kids used to roll their eyes, but now that they're older, I think they find it quirky and funny. I don't know if they'd admit it but I think they even find it endearing. I'm just like my mom in this.

  • nb-dfed

    I, too, have the cabinet door problem. I cannot stand it when thery are open. My biggest quirk is that when I eat, I have to alternate which side of my mouth I chew on. I always have to start chewing on the right side. The next bite is chewed on the left. And it has to be even. I always have to make sure my final bite is on the left side. When I eat cookies or crackers, I always pick them out in even numbers. I usually grab an odd number, and give the extras to my husband, as he invariably asks for some! Guess I'm more quirky than I thought!

  • candidlynuts

    quirk... i like to read the newspaper from back to front..

    i never take the top slice of : cheese, sandwich meat, bread etc

    and i dont like the last bit of milk in the milk jug.. i'd rather give that to the cats and open a new jug

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