DO OVERS...If you had just one...what would you do over?

by Terry 31 Replies latest jw friends

  • blondie

    I'd be born to 2 loving non-JW, nonabusive parents.


  • Nancy Drake
    Nancy Drake

    I would start over from grade 1, that's when things started to go badly for me...

  • outbutnotdown

    Terry, buddy....... the answer was so simple until you threw this into the mix:

    Remember, the do-over erases the subsequent UN-chosen choice and all its permutations.

    Well, I'm going to break your rules and come up first with the one do-over where I would still have four beautiful children because, well, to be honest the question is just not nearly as fun answering with that limtation.

    When I was 19, I finally had a few girls who actually thought I was somewhat appealing. (Besides being a JW, who could not fellowship with girls other than in our one congregation town, I was a bit of an ugly duckling.......... by the way, Stefanie, now I'm just gorgeous..... ) However nothing ever amounted from the little extra attention.

    So, the one night, while being slightly rebellious....., I was out having a couple of pints at the place where all my evil, non-JW classmates would go. This very beautiful girl came up to me and we ended up hitting it off FANTASTIC. For some reason she thought I was cute and she was pretty much my ideal woman, originally just from appearance and then later her she proved to be very sweet, sincere and fun too. We ended up spending the night together, without .......... you know. She wanted to see me again and felt as strongly towards me as I did to her.

    The do-over??????????!!!!!!!!!!! I never called her back. She called a few times and I had to make up a bullshit story to my parents, heaven forbid they find out I almost went all the way with this very nice NON-JW girl.

    Hindsight is a hell of a lot more perfect than 20/20. Damn!!!!


  • outbutnotdown


    ROFLMAO @ u!!!!!!!!


  • hillbilly
    hill.its not the size of the unit its the wiggle in the worm.. or something like that lmao

    Big Unit ---what are you thinking about?

    my do over..i'd have gone to college, LIVED ALONE FOR A FEW YEARS, dated, selectively screwed around , THEN maybe have gotten married. and i'd have grown a stinking backbone.

    Me too. But I sorta ended up with an education anyway... I live alone a few years, got married and grew a back-bone.

    Still need to work on selective screwing around.

    Hill (goals. everyone needs em)

  • kls

    Well Hill two outa three still ain't bad but if ya lose the rich ,,,,That's it!

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    I would be born in 1901.

  • bikerchic

    I would have never gotten married so young and gone to college.

  • Gretchen956

    I would have called CPS on my parents.


  • Sassy

    well I could say not listening to my mom and being a JW, and instead asking my dad who was never a JW to keep me out of it..

    or I could say taking the offer my "worldly" cousin gave me to move to live with them after highschool and work for them.. cuz I might have quit the jws on my own then..

    but I guess all of those things brought me to where I am today and and anything changing in the past before it, would not have brought me to the moment where my children whome I love so dearly were created..

    I guess I would have to say to have not left my first husband (even though he didn't deserve me to stay with him) untill the kids were out of high school......our breakup was hard on them and our relationship.. I'd give anything for that not to have happened

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