DO OVERS...If you had just one...what would you do over?

by Terry 31 Replies latest jw friends

  • Terry

    The saddest and sorriest aspect of life is this: no do-overs. We are stuck with what choices we make. We live with it. We can work on making amends, paying the price and all that jazz; but, what if...just WHAT had one do--over?

    IF YOU HAD ONE DO-OVER from scratch; what would it be?

    Remember, the do-over erases the subsequent UN-chosen choice and all its permutations.

    What would it be?

  • Badger

    Freshman year in High school. I woulda left my dad to go live with my mom, drop out of the JW's and started acting like I had a future and something to give 11 years before I finally did wake up.

  • Stefanie

    Mine would be going to a different high school...

    My life would not be what its like now, and i would not have joined the borg.

  • Pleasuredome

    i'd like to do-over bush.

  • StinkyPantz

    Not a thing. I am who I am today (happy & healthy) because of all of my past ****. Well.. I do have a bit of gas from dinner.. maybe I'd do-over what I ate.

  • hillbilly

    It is said that accidents are the result of specific chains of actions leading to a undesirable outcome. Change one action in the chain and the results are altered.

    Cant really think of anything I'd like to change.... if I did I would not have some bad outcomes- and would miss out on some grand outcomes. Can't do a thing about this life but live it.

    Next time I plan on being good looking , rich, and having a big unit!


  • Stefanie

    What did you have for dinner SP?

  • StinkyPantz
  • kls

    Next time I plan on being good looking , rich, and having a big unit!,,,Hill if and when that happens look me up,,,,,,LOL

  • candidlynuts

    hill.its not the size of the unit its the wiggle in the worm.. or something like that lmao

    my do over..i'd have gone to college, LIVED ALONE FOR A FEW YEARS, dated, selectively screwed around , THEN maybe have gotten married. and i'd have grown a stinking backbone.

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