In Watchtower World---What Do You Think The Society Thinks of JWD???

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    seatleniceguy said:

    To me, it just underscores how you can't hide from information. Sooner or later, you have to face up to reality.

    To which I would add:

    "A stand can be made against invasion by and army; no stand can be made against invasion of an idea." -- Victor Hugo

  • avengers
    What idiots ... don't they realise that for a reasonable fee I could give them access logs to the site to help identify people?

    If you want you can also give them my phone nr. and address. Make sure though you get a substanciated amount
    which we can use to throw a hell of a fest. I'll open my house for it. The WT will know where it is and they can even come
    take a look and take pics. Maybe some of the Bethelites won't even want to go back to their "house of God"?


  • Undaunted Danny
    Undaunted Danny

    Regarding most wanted hit list.

    Apostate warriors who have 'come out' like Randy Watters and Bill Bowen are too closely watched and connected to take down by a criminal assult.

    Guys like me who are less prominent junior operatives are just plain too scary and unpredictable to f**k with.

    It is very difficult to make us all go poof.

  • sf
    They specifically mentioned "chat rooms" as being a big danger.

    { wicked, evil, apostate laughing }


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