In Watchtower World---What Do You Think The Society Thinks of JWD???

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  • Simon

    What idiots ... don't they realise that for a reasonable fee I could give them access logs to the site to help identify people?

    It would be indistinguishable from a list of random number IP addresses which they would probably realise while we were having a big fest on the proceeds

  • confusedjw
    I would have been really chuffed

    Does that mean bugged or pleased?

  • Maverick

    Min gives the WTS a lot of credit. I don't believe they THINK at all!

  • Englishman
    I would have been really chuffed
    Does that mean bugged or pleased?

    It means it's good! If he'd been pissed he'd have been drunk. If he'd been pissed off, he'd have been very upset. But I'm dead chuffed that you asked. Englishman.

  • Simon

    Chuffin 'ell !!

  • toreador

    Well, I'll be chuffed. did I use that correctly?

  • Quotes

    "What Do You Think The Society Thinks of JWD???"

    ==> I think they don't mostly.

    "they mentioned web sites with names designed to mislead people"

    ===> I occasionally get accused of this, via email, about my website ( But I still want to know what anyone would think is unfair about this name? It is a site about watchtower quotes, so why not call it that?

    Similarly, JWD is a Discussion about the JW's. It would be misleading to call it, wouldn't it? All things considered, both JWD and my site are acurately, fairly named. :)

    ~Quotes, of the "I think they're still P.O.'d that I got and they didn't" class

  • Happy Guy :)
    Happy Guy :)

    JWD is living proof that JWs can leave the cult and still live a happy life with loving kind words of support for each other. I believe the WT hates you. You are living proof that they lie.

  • seattleniceguy

    Witnesses typically don't allow themselves to even entertain the thought that they might be on the losing side of any battle, no matter what the evidence, so I doubt that anyone is shaking a clenched fist and crying, "Damn you, Jay Double-You Dee!"

    On the other hand, I have to laugh when I think about the awkward position any Writing Department guys would be in to read this site. The thing is, they're don't want Witnesses to come here. But the more they turn on the apostate sirens, the more ludicrous it sounds. I think at some point the bough just breaks and reasonable people snap awake.

    So they're caught in a paradox: If they just pretend we don't exist, people will continue to come to the site and learn the truth. But if they step up the hard-line rhetoric, they risk alienating more of their people.

    To me, it just underscores how you can't hide from information. Sooner or later, you have to face up to reality.


  • minimus

    Simon and Quotes, I'm sure you must feel honored to be referenced as a danger........Big Tex, tell Ted J. I said hi!

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