Did you read the book "1984" of Georges Orwell?

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  • Evesapple

    My daughter is seeing the play today with her drama class......

  • Mary

    Yep. It was the very first "apostate" book I read. I was so shocked at what I was reading that I read half of it right there in the bookstore!

  • wildfire

    YES I DID READ THE BOOK.....1984,,and the crazy thing about that is .....it was in my jehovah witness daughters library....(umm she is of the younger class of educated witness these days.....) after i read the whole book,,, it was like the SCALES FELLOFF OF MY EYES .....( LIKE PAUL BEING BLINDED AND THEN ABLE TO SEE!!!!!!) THIS WAS before I even dared to go to the evil INTERNET... THE LAIR OF ALL UNCLEAN THINGS ...HAHAH....

    SO THUS BEGAN MY JOURNEY OUT OF THIS VICIOUS CULT,,,,if you read my biography you will see how long i was in prison...over 28 years..and also married to a nutcase who claimed to be ANNOINTED.....SOOOOOOOOOO NEED I SAY MORE....SHEESH.....WHAT A BOOK I COULD WRITE......

    I have 5 children and thank god only my 18 yr old baby is still in....but hey she lives in minneapolis and as we all have heard thats where the PURPLE ONE (FORMERLY KNOWN AS PRINCE AND SLAVE ) IS LIVING AND my daughter does see him at conventions....so there it is..... hell if prince can be a J W..... after his sordid.... nasty past.... anyone can join in this crazy cult......and still keep their sordid nasty past,,,, but just dont get caught or be poor... cus they will throw you out to the curb like they did to my 24 yr old schizophrenic son just recently and i almost lost him .....forever....( whole other freaking story)

    what was your ????? ,,,sorry i am rambling on..but i really loved the comparisons with the jw mentality....like if i tell you 2+2= 5 ,,,,,,then it does....no questions asked or expected..... get it yalll........ winston smith...... how many winstons do we have here on this board alot ,,, i am afraid ... but with all us pulling together we can bring down the wild beast ....the governing body ....the witch towe. r ...........chaio ....shalom all my dear friends

  • nb-dfed

    excellent book. it reminded me of the jw's and, eerily, president bush...

  • Athanasius

    I read 1984 when I was in high school. It was very thought provoking. So was Gary Botting's The Orwellian World of Jehovah's Witnesses.

  • hillbilly

    Yep-- as a JW High School Junior........ saw the parallels......... that book, plus a few lessons in Critical thinking from my English teacher started me 'on the way out' long before I knew thats were I was headed.

    Hill (circular reason me will ya! class)

  • Piph

    Whew, just finished reading it a few minutes ago. I think I read almost the whole second half today.

    Euph and I had already talked a lot about the concept of doublespeak, but another concept of the book that really hit me (that I hadn't heard of before, unlike doublespeak) was crimestop. The idea of actually stunting your thinking process to keep from grasping logic. Training your brain to keep from being able to concentrate for too long on really deep things. That really hit me hard because I can see how that's something that's really affected me...I can't wait to go to college to loosen up my neurons a bit.

    I'm just feeling overwhelmed by it all right now. It's amazing how deeply it goes when so many things have affected you subconsciously. Yuck.

  • Scully

    Reading 1984 in Grade 10 English at the age of 15 was the beginning of my "rebellious" period - I saw so many parallels to the JWs in that novel. It was a difficult read on an emotional level - it made me feel sick over being manipulated by the WTS.

    Love, Scully

  • Evesapple

    After hearing the book reviews and my daughter's review of the play, I have to get the book....I'm very curious.

  • JAVA
    excellent book. it reminded me of the jw's and, eerily, president bush

    Yes, I read this many years ago--it's the Watchtower and Bush team all over again!

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