What Do You Do Now ----That You Would Never Have Done As A Witness?

by minimus 36 Replies latest jw friends

  • under74

    I pretty much do everything I was told was wrong...except killing. I feel like killing sometimes, but I don't do it.

  • OICU8it2

    Going to vote for president of USA.

  • Tim Horton
    Tim Horton

    My husband and I now go to the xxx rated stores and look at all the perverted stuff. It's really fun. The other day we bought our first sex toy. I don't think the elders would improve of that too much. Our sex life is better than ever. Think of all those JW's that are missing out. Hee hee I've always been a bit on the wild side but not out to hurt anybody wild, nothing like that. I always felt like I was being held back, restrained, I'm sure alot can relate. I also like to curse now and again. Sugar just doesn't cut it sometimes. I don't have a real potty mouth though. I don't want to be a biker chick, just free.

  • CountryGuy

    Let's see... I:

    -celebrate holidays and birthdays.
    -went to college.
    -got a job that pays enough to live on.
    -shacked up with a man.
    -regularly make love with that man.
    -vote, and openly show my support for candidates.
    -volunteer with the Democratic Party.
    -volunteer with the local literacy council.
    -volunteer with Habitat for Humanity.
    -have an American flag on my porch.
    -have a yellow ribbon magnet on my car.
    -drink alchoholic beverages (and smoke occasionally).
    -go to Mass with my partner and his mom.
    -actually read the Bible when studying it, not just the WT's publications.

    -have a great time being ME!


  • minimus

    Lazyslob, I like your answer.

  • BrendaCloutier
    Well, I bought myself a two-door car.

    THAT was actually a bit of a hard one for me - 25 years ago! Weird, but true. I've not owned a 4-door since!


  • bikerchic
    I don't want to be a biker chick, just free.

    Tim Horton I'm so shocked!

    Gosh after reading everyones responses I think I was in a different religion than y'all......I did all those things while a JW, heck I was just being me a biker chick, my bad.

    I guess the only thing I've actually done since being out that I would never have done as a JW is celebrating X-mas, birthdays and well most of the holidays openly, some I sneaked while a JW. The other thing I can think of is I'm now a registered voter and proud of it!

    I was always free to be me.........just tamed it in a bit as a JW or sneaked around. Bikerchics rule!

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