What Do You Do Now ----That You Would Never Have Done As A Witness?

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  • HappyDad

    I actually go to church and pray...and I BELIEVE in it!

    I salute my fellow veterans when there is a parade and I donate to Disabled Veterans charities.

    I am very generous to the Salvation Army (when I look at what they do for people....UNCONDITIONALLY......I can't help but feel they are doing what the Bible told Christians to do as far as helping their fellow man.) Hey......if a dub's house has burned down, they even give the dub a place to stay until other arraingements are made. That's exactly what they did for my ex son-in-law's family, plus monetary help. When was the last time a KH did anything for anybody?

    I occasionally play the lottery......but also did that while I was an elder.

    I still stay in touch with AA........I started going there when I was an elder.

    I have and still do some types of volunteer work.

    I buy birthday presents now and just wait until Xmas........it's gonna cost me a bundle this year. Tongue Out

    I watch TV on Tuesday and Thursday evenings without feeling guilty.

    Most of all........I have compassion and empathy........and do my best not to judge anybody for anything. I try to look at the inner person regardless of their choice of lifestyle.

    And last......I am working hard at accepting someones reasoning of ANY issue even though I may disagree........in other words........I like to think that we "can agree to disagree" without becoming enemies.

    And........I have a permit to carrry a concealed weapon and carry one on occasion.

    And......am an NRA member....which I was as a youngster with my Dad......but dubland told me that it was bad......so I gave it and my Dad up for decades. What a mistake! I'm just glad that I had a chance to get real close with my Dad the last 5 years of his life.....even though nothing can bring back the years that I chose dubland over him. (love you Dad)


  • blondie

    I really don't do much differently now.

    Celebrate birthdays but my non-JW family just send cards, no gifts or cakes or parties, their pattern.

    My husband and I do give each other gifts without waiting for an event (except X-mas for those big ticket items). Case in point, he bought tickets to a Broadway touring show and arranged hotel and a special date at a restaurant. He didn't wait for X-mas or my birthday.

    See more R-rated movies if they are worth it.

    Swear a little more; tried using the F-word but it's too offensive and I can insult more effectively without it.

    I sleep in Sunday mornings (and Saturday too unless there is yard work to be done).

    I voted.

    I joined my union and was asked to run for secretary. Had to turn it down because my schedule is too full with other volunteer projects. But I attend the meetings and put in my 2 cents worth.

    The only thing that "guides" me now is what I'm doing going to hurt someone else.


  • BrendaCloutier

    As I said earlier, I've raised lots of hell but I have paid the price, too. My spiritual exploration has brought me to an awesome place that no JW can comprehend.

    The only thing that "guides" me now is what I'm doing going to hurt someone else.

    This has become one of my guiding principals today, too, along with acceptance, tolerance, forgiveness, and unconditional love (as much as I am able-difficult to do). All non-JW practices.



  • minimus

    Blondie.....I can just picture you using an "F BOMB". I think you're a more effective slicer and dicer.

  • undercover

    I have worldly friends. I even travel with them(the horror. I get funny looks when I tell JW friends that I went on a trip with non-JWs)

    I watch and read what interests me without thinking if it meets WT standards. I used to sneak the occasioal R movie as a dub, but now most of my DVD collection consists of R movies and they are displayed proudly in my media collection.

    I have opinions and discuss those opinions concrening politics.

    I party. I thought I was pretty liberal for a JW, but even a liberal JW doesn't know how to really party(unless they're living a double life).

    Drink(which i did before, but was careful to not "stumble"), smoke occasionally(even a hit of pot if offered), but that was just because I never had before. I don't recommend it. Lotteries, casinos, private poker parties. Strip clubs, other bars and clubs.

  • Tuesday

    To Nosferatu:

    That was the funniest thing I've read in a long time, especially the poem.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    I would've never lurked much less posted on websites such as this one!

    Also, now I say polite things like "bless you!" when someone nearby sneezes. Wow, that's really evil now!!!


  • The Thinker
    The Thinker

    I've become a more caring person. I thought I was a caring person, but we were told that worldly people were in satan's control. what rubbish! I have a full time job and starting to have some saving now, I look after my wife and step children and give them quailty time instead of leaving them alone and wasting my time going house to house selling their magazines and their fasle theology.

  • Midget-Sasquatch

    I get to be my own person, and have that freedom to experiment...although I'm admittedly still way too tame.


    - Answer every question at the WT Study with "Jehovah"
    - Put tracts in the Contribution Boxes
  • candidlynuts

    back talk men

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