Distractions at the Convention

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  • Wolfgirl

    I was one of those ones who wore long skirts with long slits. Of course, I got counselled on it, by an elder who had just been told to tell me it was immodest by his wife.

    "I loved it when birds would fly into the convention center (waiting for it to poop on someone)."

    That someone was my mother.

    Looking for cute brothers occupied a lot of time. Writing notes to my sister. Daydreaming. I tried to be a "good" JW. But I didn't always succeed. I watched the birds flying around, watched the brothers who got to run around doing their "important" jobs, watched people going up an down the stairs, envied the people who brought pillows and fell asleep, counted how many talks were left till I could eat lunch, tried to figure out where to go to dinner afterwards, tried to find one of my friends who had a baby and then volunteer to watch the baby for a while so they could concentrate ;). But the best was when my brother came along. I am nearly 15 years older than him, so I took him with me to the conventions...always gave me something to do.

  • foreword

    ....."watched the brothers who got to run around doing their "important" jobs*.....they wish....lol

  • hemp lover
    hemp lover

    I spent my convention time creating elaborate sexual fantasies and perfecting the art of sleeping without allowing my head to nod. My friends were jealous (of the non-nodding head trick). Don't think they knew about the other. :-)

  • AnnOMaly

    I'd also dreamily gaze at the flocks of birds swooping around the stadium. Wait for the lawn sprinkler system to come on. Doodle pictures instead of taking notes. Write alternate (more realistic) versions of the demonstrations. It was a welcome distraction when mom passed around candy. The greatest distraction was when we volunteered - more fun than sitting through the talks.

  • franklin J
    franklin J

    I HATED ALL THE CONVENTIONS! Just the sound of an audio feedback now will bring back vivid unpleasent memories.

    As a child my parents would give me crayons or paper and pencils to let me color. As I got older I was expected to "pay attentions". How abusive to expect a child to sit there for all those hours? What is the matter with all these parents? My parents were just as victimized by expecting us to actually behave during this organized torture. I recieved many a "slap" as a child for not sitting or paying attention.

    As I got older I made sure to volunteer for any job that would take me away from having to actually sit during the sessions. The International conventions were best for that.

  • candidlynuts

    one assembly while walking the halls with a whiney baby, one of those brothers with the " PLEASE TAKE YOUR SEAT" signs was surrounded by a passle of young nubile hot babes , eating up the attention, i gave him a look and he flipped that sign up in my face , i said " i know your mother" and he huffed and told the girls bye and started walking with his sign again..( i didnt a bit more know his mother than anything but he sure must be skeered of her lmao)

    btw I HATED THOSE SIGNS! thought they were infantile and rude and totally inappropriate.

  • Preston


  • Preston


  • DaCheech

    I've been assigned to hold those signs. Unfortunately if I would not hold it up enough times the overseer

    would come by then give me the look then do it himself!

    Can't win

  • Insomniac


    I guess I have a one-track mind. At the assemblies, I would get comfy in my chair and settle in to watch the honeys (all the while pretending to take notes.). We had some fine looking men at the assemblies I attended, and I would endlessly compare them: best hair, best walk, best butt, cutest overall, etc. In Montreal, we had lots of "mini-assemblies" within the one dome, to accommodate all the different languages spoken; when I got bored, I'd wander over to check out the French-Canadian guys, or the Greek boys, or the Spanish speaking brothas- it was like a buffet of hot, sweet babes.

    Oh, and don't get me started on the sexalicious guys in Texas, where they raise some of the purtiest boys in the world. There was this one guy from India at the Dallas convention...I just could not for the life of me concentrate on the talks that year.

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