Distractions at the Convention

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  • hillbilly

    Sittin around watchin some good lookin gal shimmy up and down the stairs....what other distraction could there be for a red-blooded politicaly neutral young man?

    Hill (must be jelly 'cause jam dont wiggle like that, class)

  • Elsewhere

    I liked to watch all of the birds that flew around inside the Astrodome.

    They would manage to get in a door, but could not find their way back out.

  • DaCheech
    We used to have District conventions held at the Belmont Race Track in New York

    I was there, unfortunately for others... mine was inside the air conditioned area where people eat!

    That was one good one! Was even in the drama that year! and thus got away from listening to most of

    the talks that morning!

  • candidlynuts


    waiting for some old person to fall down the steep steep stairs cuz they werent seated on the floor level...

    watching the brothers carry someone out on a stretcher who got to hot or something..

    watching someones kid throw grapes halfway across the stadium.. or looking innocent and averting my eyes if it was MY kid tossing grapes ( oh no i hope the elderly person that inevitably fell didnt slip on a GRAPE! GASP! never thought of that!)

    unwrapping some noisy candy so everyone in our row would want a piece and we'd spend a few minutes passing snacks around and getting a sugar rush..

    passing naughty notes to the then husband and watching his ears turn red.

    Sitting in the nose bleed section where the fans were... and watching the farting contest the teenage boys would have in front of the fans. then laughing at the 15 rows ahead of us waving their watchtowers to fan the smells away. (best performed at small circuit assemblies)

  • DaCheech

    I heard 2 months ago in Nassau Coliseum, Long Island that a child died falling from the upper tier during the convention!

  • candidlynuts

    oh no! how tragic.. forget my joking above please!

  • Quotes

    WHen younger, at the racetrack conventions, we had a good view of the flight path of Toronto airport. You could watch a jet land every 90 seconds all day long.

    Around 1990, in Hamilton, a (possibly mentally unstable) brother, from my hall, who had been acting weird and freaking people out in my hall, walked into the assembly and walked past the platform, down on ice level, making hand gestures and acting strange. He was eventually removed, but it took several minutes of "coaxing".

    It was so much fun to watch!

    We later had a special needs talk about, basically, shunning him even though he was still offically a brother and not DF/DA. Nice policy, Watchtower! Shun the mentally ill!

    ~Quotes, of the "There, But For The Grace Of God, Go I" class

  • blindfool

    Did you ever look around and wonder if anyone else was thinking the same thing you were, like, "this is all such bullshit!"

    Like the convention I was at a few years ago. They interviewed a young married couple. The husband worked full time and the wife pioneered. They said she got up every morning and fixed her husbands breakfast and they read the daily text together before he headed off to work.

    I've got three kids, a job, my wife works. We run out of the door every morning late for work, half the time we eat a breakfast bar in the car on the way to work.

    But here's this perfect couple, waking early to spend the morning having a nice breakfast together and reading the daily text. Then he's off to work while she makes herself ready for field service.

    All I can think is Bullshit!!!

  • RandomTask

    Loved trolling for girls, not that I got any or anything...

  • czarofmischief

    I loved those slit skirts - you naughty sisters know of what I speak - you deliberately picked long skirts athat would flare apart while you walked, revealing scrumptious leg and maybe a glimpse of that Canaanite thigh....


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