Distractions at the Convention

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  • onacruse

    Well, I suppose the most memorable distraction I ever experienced was when we had a district convention at the Civic Stadium (now PGE Park), right across from the Multnomah Athletic Club. There was a service road that ran up the north side of the club, with a chain-link fence between the club and the stadium.

    In the middle of one of the talks, 4 guys from the club ran up along that road, with absolutely nothing on but their sneakers! "Everything" was a'hangin and a'bouncin.

    It made the papers: their club memberships were suspended.


  • brutusmaximus

    I'm with Hillbilly when it comes to the jelly on a plate picture, fantastic we would whisper

    Jelly on a plate, jelly on a plate

    wibble wobble, wibble wobble

    Jelly on a plate ( I know very imature but fun at 14)

    At one out door convention there was something up with the sound or something and we started doing a Mexican wave (an unheard of thing in Scotland) I think it went round twice and then we got told to stop it.

    Great fun while it lasted though.

    Sneaking out to the pool halls at lunch time was also good but may not count.

  • iiz2cool

    I'd scan the audience with binoculars looking for some nice cleavage.


  • foreword

    Oh no...not me...no distractions.

    Actually I thought I was the only one there not spiritual enough as to being bored to death. I thought everyone was digging in the feast...LOL. I was really working hard on my new personality....I couldn't understand why the stuff didn't interest me. Made me think...."I must be really evil to not like the good spiritual food".

    Thanks to you guys....I don't feel so lonely anymore.....haha

    ps: Oh yeah...the sisters did look quite sexy.....mmmmmm

  • DaCheech

    How about the good old scanning for girls, and getting to see all of them go to the

    bathroom during the sessions (nice legs). unfortunately, if I would follow trying to

    strike a conversation..... the bethellites would beat me to the punch (in my NY area the bethellites get

    best picks). oooooooooooh

  • drwtsn32

    At the Tacoma Dome I used to count the triangle patterns that the rafters made on the ceiling.

    Oh yeah, I'd also use my "drama binoculars" to check out babes.

  • DaCheech
    count the triangle patterns

    FYI: they're called panel points

  • Bubbamar


  • kwintestal

    Seeing some guy who walks around town, telling everyone that the JW's take him into the back room and torture him every week walk past the stage with a Burger King crown on saying, "I'm your king!"


  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    25,000 at Twickenham and on a hot day all the lovely honeys would don their sunday "best" yum!!

    For the last 2 Years there tho,i used to hit the Pub with a Mate just before P/T Sunday!! Hic..now that was a distraction!

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