Very Depressed today... Please Help.

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  • Confucious

    Thanks to all of you guys.

    This has really helped.

    One thing I appreciate, is when you talk to witnesses about problems.

    It never really helps.

    Because you really only have ONE acceptable answer...

    More Bible Study, Meeting Attendance and Door to Door.

    Anything other solution - like "Leave that Bastard Husband of Yours." Ect. etc. Is NOT acceptable.

    It's nice to have solutions to problems here on JWD.

    Advice from so many different angles. Different ways of looking at it.

    Oh... BTW, I'm not DF or DA. I successfully did the fade.

    Which is ironic, because I can't get a judicial meeting right now if I wanted too.

    And this goes with Big Tex point about his wife tearing the brothers a new A$$HOLE.

    I have issues with the brothers that I can't wait until I can tear into them for.

    How about my ex-wife Begging the C.O. to make a shepharding call on me when I was suicidal? FOUR OR FIVE TIMES SHE BEGGED. They don't give a shit. Never called. Never came.

    The Sherrif was called on the day I attempted it. My physician treated me FOR FREE.

    And these elders sat and did nothing.

    That's why I won't be called to a judicial meeting.

    They know I will tear them all a new one.

    AND, in my area, I am VERY prominent. Very well known here.

    No one is doing nothing.

    I have witnesses that WORK for me doing stuff around my house.

    They even see my new girlfriend walking around in a bathrobe.


    But it's what keeps this anger inside of me. And it's like Big Tex said.

    I makes me so angry.

    But I feel a LOT better.

    Thank you my brothers and sisters.


  • Nosferatu
    You know, Nos had a problem with his roomate and I gave him the advice to just not even respond.
    But I tell you, it IS hard to apply your own advice sometimes.

    It's so true. What I did with him was give him an official goodbye. That is how I close a chapter on my life, even if the other person wants it to keep going. Close the chapter, and keep it closed even if she tries to keep it going.

    Giving events in your life an official end helps. That's what I find. Give her an official "Goodbye" or "Don't contact me again" and stick to it. Shut the door.

    Speaking of which, I have to update that thread....

  • Mary

    But comparing me to Korah makes me so mad. Does anyone have an explaination why WE ALL HERE are NOT like Korah???

    Oh ya, Dubs like to use good ol' Korah as an "example", any time you question the Borg. You could tell her that Jesus didn't blindly follow what the Pharisees were teaching; in fact he exposed their hypocrisy for everyone to see. Or you could just tell her to take the nearest Watchtower magazine and stick it up her ass self-righteous goof........don't let her get to you....she's a drone for the Borg and doesn't want to think for herself.

  • Bubbamar

    Boy, confuscious-- no wonder you're angry!! They really gave you the the name of God-kicked you when you were down. Probably following the orders of the legal dept instead of Jesus' orders! I hope you do get your opportunity to preach to them from your rooftop about the hypocracy and lies of the WTBTS!

    Hugs to you!

  • franklin J
    franklin J


    the sun is shining somewhere; do not let them push you under a cloud. Do not let them "goad" you into despair. They ( our former JW "friends", do specifically mean us harm. Keep them at a distance; they do not have your best interests at heart; despite their bantering about God; Christ ; love , etc. They want your life to be cloudy and rainy. Do not give them that affirmation. Think positively about yourself and your future; do not give in to THEIR reality.

    Move on with your life and do not look back.....

    hang tough...

    been there; done that,


  • cyberguy


    Glad to hear you're dealing with this my friend, although I know from experience, it can be very hard at times. It?s like trying to heal from a severe burn! Yea, sympathy from others helps, but you still have that hurt that just doesn?t seem to go away!

    However, if you do have very strong feelings of depression, then it's okay to see a doctor and I would strongly advocate it! Especially for current or x-JW?s! JW-ism has the potential to produce folks with severe, potentially extreme depression! And therefore, I highly recommend anyone with severe depression to seek medical help! I?ve lost too many JW?s who ended-it!

    Please be aware that it?s not necessarily you, and probably isn?t you, given a ?normal? life-style. However, JW-ism can and has produced people with very severe depression. I find that I even have bouts of depression, which are very difficult to deal with. I?m sure there are tons of others here on this board, that will admit this too, if asked!

    I wake in the middle of the night often, and all my problems with JW-ism come to mind. I sometimes find myself talking to myself; I wonder what I could have done differently! Well, the head-damage is there and can cause severe depression due to the injuries caused by being exposed to doctrinal ?radiation!? So, if you have severe depression, having been exposed to doctrinal ?radiation,? you?re not alone my friend! Many here on the board are struggling to get their ?head? back together again!

    I?m also glad you got a ?head-of-hair,? that?s probably sympathetic to your problems! Doing the ?family thing? can help in getting your life back on track?wife-kids!

    Please take care, and don?t feel you?ve done something naughty (as the WT would have you believe). When you?re ready for Christianity (outside JW-ism), it?s there; if you want to abstain, I can support that decision too! Many x-JW?s have to just get away from the manure! The saying is true: ?time heals all wounds!?

    Hope this helps! PM-me if you want to talk on the phone. Sometimes that helps too! I?m sure there are others here too, that will try and help more closely, and do the phone-thing! Take care!



  • brutusmaximus

    I'm sorry but maybe I am missing the point here.

    You say your new girl friend allows you to sit and watch dancers whilst smoking a dirty big ceegar and you have friends who are dancers and you are depressed!!??

    Listen my good man would your ex who is still out there a chapping the doors let this take place? I don't think so.

    Confucious say: be grateful for small mercies

  • Iforget

    From past experience my suggestion would be that your silence will speak volumns. She is trying to get a reaction from you. Don't give it to her. In the end the best way to deal with it is to live life happy and fully enjoy the beautiful woman in your life. People like her HATE it when you ignore them and move along as if they don't exsist.

  • Confucious

    Thanks guys.


    I'm on Paxil right now.

    My doctor treated me FOR FREE.

    Something that the so called spiritual doctors didn't do.

    Anyway. Thanks. All of you.

    And Brutis...

    Yeah. The stripper deal. Not too bad. Ha!!!


  • frenchbabyface

    Conf : Yeah. The stripper deal. Not too bad. Ha!!!

    and PAXIL ... Oh man !!! ... (tell me what you see ...)

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