Very Depressed today... Please Help.

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  • Confucious

    Hey guys,

    Last night, my ex-girlfriend whom I wrote about before emailed me and goaded me into a confrontation.

    Where to start???

    Well we've been broken up for almost a year now. I'm very happy in my new relationship.

    But my ex-girlfriend is Aux. Pioneering this month and evidenly is feeling like a Holy Roller right now.

    She said she saw me hanging out with some dancers (strippers) and smoking a cigar.

    I told her it was true. (the strippers are friends with me and my girlfriend).

    So she starts questioning me - and I told her...

    "Listen. You take what you did this month (aux pioneer), multiply it by 12 (as in 12 months) and THEN, multiply that by 9 (as in 9 years)."
    I pioneered for 9 years. Both me and my ex wife. And I HATE it when people question my love or devotion to God.

    I told her, don't get on your high horse and start counciling me on MY LIFE, let alone my devotion to God.


    She comes back and give me this... "How DARE you compare your spirituality with mine." (Which REALLY pissed me off.)

    And then she rattles off like a half million scriptures and says I'm like Korah.

    You know, Nos had a problem with his roomate and I gave him the advice to just not even respond.

    But I tell you, it IS hard to apply your own advice sometimes.

    My girlfriend is ready to just confront her.

    (By the way, this ex-girlfriend JW - I was about a week away from buying her an engagement ring before I broke it off)

    Anyway, this is the help I need...

    1) Just for you guys to let me rant. I tell you, I am so mad right now.

    2) I know some of you are going to say just ignore her.

    And I still may.

    But comparing me to Korah makes me so mad.

    Does anyone have an explaination why WE ALL HERE are NOT like Korah???

    Well, that's about it.

    Just a little pissed off tonight.

    Thanks for listening.


  • codeblue

    awe Confucious:

    I am not a guy, but I feel bad for you.

    I think your ex girlfriend still has feelings for you. Sounds like she is jealous that you have a new girlfriend.

    Her superior attitude thinking she is MORE spiritual is the JW mindset..........her time card is getting filled up quite high and she she thinks she is MORE SPIRITUAL. (we all know that is NO indicator of true spirituality)

    Take care of yourself and nurture yourself....Hang with people that make you feel "good" about yourself.



  • jgnat

    Are you plotting to take over the Governing Body? No? Then you are not like Korah.

  • kls

    Remember she is doing her job as a JW robot and letting her get to you and her knowing it is high on their list. I really don't understand why this is bothering you ? She is a JW and you would expect this right? Is it possible you still have some emotional ties to her? I am just trying to understand why this has angered you so. I am sick am my little brain is having trouble keeping up on things so if i am miss reading your post it is all the boogies, but i don't get why this bothers you

    I hope i am being nice cause i mean to: )

  • LyinEyes

    Sorry you are going thru this. Sometimes we just need to hear that we are not the evil person that some of the JW's say we are. We know we are good people, but damn, it does get old never being able to really tell our side of our own story.

  • Quotes

    jgnat said:

    Are you plotting to take over the Governing Body?


    why, uh.... nnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooo...................

    I'm not..............

    why, what have you heard...???????????????

    ~Quotes, of the "Taking Lessons from Pinky And The Brain" class

    P.S. To get back on topic: She is hurt, she still has feelings for you, and she truly believes she is holier than thou... i.e. all of the above.

    Ignore her: you are better informed; she knows everything on that side of the fence; but so do you since you were there once too. But, you also know a lot of info on this side of the fence, and she is scared to even think about what you know.

    My $.02 is have a really nice cigar (too bad you can't get Cubans in USA) and take you GF to visit her friends at work. Life is short, so get busy!

  • frenchbabyface

    Sorry that you are depressed Confucious ... and sorry that she still have this power on you ...

    also as lineyes said

    it does get old never being able to really tell our side of our own story
  • Confucious

    I guess it bothers me because I get REAL OFFENDED when people question my spirituality.

    I told people in the truth (tm), that when I thought it was the truth. I preached it from rooftops (Pioneer 9 years.)

    But when it's not - I will do the same.

    But yeah, I'm wondering why it bothers me.

    I am VERY happy in my new relationship.


  • Confucious



    I am a cigar aficioanado.

    I am in U.S.A., and I have succesfully smuggled in Cub@ns.


  • Dirt Rocker
    Dirt Rocker

    who is korah?

    (sorry not and never was a JW so i'm not up on all these terms) :)

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