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  • WildHorses

    Speaking of coffee. Have any of you ever used a percolator and added egg shells to the coffee grounds? I remember when I was a kid. My friends mother made her coffee that way. She said it made the coffee less bitter. Is there any truth to that?

  • Estella Bolger
    Estella Bolger

    I love coffee!!! caramel machaido (bad spelling i know) with soy milk and a double shot of expresso.

  • bebu

    Yes, I enjoy coffee! I also roast it at home. (Order it from if you are interested--I think they're practically the best in their field.)

    I have no idea how that stove top espresso thing works. Is it hard? Does it turn out really well? I'm so curious!


  • Been there
    Been there

    Wild Horses,

    I had not heard of egg shells but I put a couple shakes of a salt shaker in my grinds before brewing. My Granny always did that for the same reason as the egg shells (to cut down on the bitter taste). It does give it a smoother taste. The egg shells are calcium are'nt they? so it would be like putting a Rolaid in the pot to cut down on acid maybe???

    I have a programable coffee pot and consider it one of life simple pleasures, waking up to hot coffee. Almost like having a maid. I wish the maid was there last weekend when hubby forgot to put the pot in and turned the coffee on auto. I had water and coffee grounds ALL over the counter top, what a mess.

    Yep, a couple cups of coffee and JWD first thing in the morning....Life is good.

  • Fe2O3Girl

    I have a stovetop espresso maker like that one. It is easy to use, the only hassle is dismantling it and cleaning it between brews, which may be why it has sat at the back of the cupboard for over a year.

    However, it does give good results, pretty close to the flavour you get with a proper espresso maker, which is considerably more expensive.

  • bull01lay

    I like my coffee thick, black and definitely leaded!!

    Just a quickie... what is 'cardamon' ? Sounds intrigueing.......


  • Insomniac

    Bull- Cardamon is a wonderfully aromatic spice used quite a lot in Indian and Midlle Eastern cooking. It smells sweet and peppery, and tastes unlike anything else. Go sniff some when you have the chance; it's heavenly.

    And, I was joking about Denny's and Winchell's coffee. I really just don't care for the Starbuck's up here, is all.

    My latest toy is a French press coffee maker that makes one perfect cup. It's simple to clean and uses no electricity, and I have a lot of control over the strength of the brew. Very fun.

  • coffee_black

    Did someone call my name??, black and strong...gets the brain cells going....

    cb of the I "think I'll have another cup class..."

  • Emma

    Mmmmm... I love coffee, too. I work with a woman from Algeria and she buys her coffee already ground with cardamom in it. Smells wonderful.

    I buy Indonesian beands at Whole Foods and grind them just before brewing. It does make a difference in taste, and taste is why I drink it; I can't have caffiene. Hot, with a little half and half in it.

    I'll be back in a few minutes... Emma

  • Soledad

    *still sipping away!!*

    nothing like waking up to THAT machine!!

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