My daughter is getting married today!!!! But I'm too EVIL to attend...

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  • cruzanheart

    (((((Bryan))))) I know it hurts. But I have a feeling that one day she will want to fix things with you. Our children have the power to hurt us, as we have the power to hurt them. You have behaved like a gentleman and a loving father and that does count for something. When her world turns on her, as it will, the half of her that is YOU will remember that and will know to turn to you for comfort and help.

    And you will be there.



  • alamb

    So sorry to hear the pain this "Christian way of life" is causing you. I can't say it any better than Nina did.

    I hope the lurkers can see through to the hatred.


  • StinkyPantz


    So did you go?

  • frankiespeakin


    I hope things turn out better in the future for you and your daughter. Sorry to hear about your situation.

  • franklin J
    franklin J

    I am sorry for you, Bryan .

    This has got to hurt. Your response is a good and healthy one ( for you; that is) . Let her have her space. She is young; no doubt, and will some day regret the pain she has caused you.

    Hang in there; lots of good support from this crowd.....


  • Rabbit

    (((( Bryan ))))

    I know this is a hurt...that keeps on giving hurt, as I have had the exact same thing done to me 2 times. I wasn't even told of the happy day until JW, X-wife orchestrated that loving Christian act. When I re-married to a non-JW, not ONE JW relative or friend came to my wedding or has ever even congratulated either of us. That was over half my family.

    But, I don't mean to bring more gloom. The good news is neither of those two kids go to the Kingdom Hall any longer. One of them has renewed our relationship...because I NEVER stopped contacting them and letting them know, I loved them...that is just about the only thing you can do. The pain you feel ? You may not SEE it, but, it is hurting them too. This shunning goes against the very nature of human beings, it hurts them, because deep down they feel how wrong it is.

    Bryan, don't give up hope, it make take time, even years, just never, never give up on them.

    You can help teach them ...real love.

  • Bryan

    Sorry I'm just now replying everyone. Thanks so much for your concerns.

    My daughter told me she did not want me there, so I did not go. Not sure I could have shown up anyway and not cried in the back or hit someone out of unrelenting anger (I'm a lover not a fighter). I know she's brainwashed just as I was for years, but I would not make her feel uncomfortable on her special day... I know one day she'll wake up.

    On the day of her wedding, I loaded the truck in Dallas and we stopped in Houston and had a great evening with my step-sister and some fantastic friends. On Sunday we drove on into New Orleans and moved into a new apartment.

    So... here we are. And there she is. I suppose we all deserve to live our own life; don't we? She'll wake-up... right?


  • WildHorses
    She'll wake-up... right?

    There's always hope.

  • ThiChi

    Really, I would go. Low key, back row, witness the wedding and then split. Blood is thicker than water, even if only one side feels that way now (belive me, things can change, and fast too). Give a card to the attendant to give to your daughter, the card sould wish her well, include $100 for a gift....that is what I would do......

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