What does the Society have against jeans?

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  • SadElder

    The same as some of the other things recently being foisted upon the brethren:

    Don't wear any kind of denim to the meetings.

    Sisters at Bethel who work in public areas, i.e. lobbies, etc. must wear skirts never ever pants, even if they are doing manual type work. So I guess this means sisters picking apples must wear skirts while on ladders, as they are working in areas visible to the visiting dubs who might be offended. 'course we all know that this is an edict from Ted "J. Edgar" Jaracz the head of the Bethel CIA (aka Service Department) as he's afraid these sites will lead to a serious outbreak of wanking among the Bethel boys, and that would never do.

    A long standing rule: Brothers at Bethel are not permitted to wear necklaces as this is a direct imitation of the homosexual community.

    Bethelites are not to leave any Bethel home dressed to go in-line skating as this would be a major imitation of the world. If one absolutely must go skating, kindly hide that fact while in the vicinity of the Lord's house.

    Should you have the desire to visit the Bethel facilities you must be dressed in appropriate meeting attire, never mind that you will be forced to walk your little feetsies off while taking in all the sites and passing contribution boxes at every turn.

  • Stephanus

    Here's a pic from the knowledge book (ignore the circles and numbers - they're my additions):


    No problems with jeans in this pic. Although it should be noted that it's the black guy who's wearing them.

    And here's the pic of that infamous Dub hike through the mountains:


    The guy's wearing jeans here, but look at what the females are wearing!

  • onacruse


    I remember one of the GBs warning about wearing jeans and WHITE TENNIS SHOES while at Bethel, because homosexuals wore them in the neighborhood.

    When I was at Bethel, working in the janitorial department (working, of course, in jeans and t-shirts and sneakers), we were very specifically told that, even when simply crossing the street, we had to completely change to street clothes, sweat and all; and only after getting safely esconsced in the next work area, then to change back into our now cold and sweaty work-clothes.

    However, rather like the Egyptians and Israelites, our daily work load was not reduced to accommodate such restrictive and inconvenient requirements: "make bricks, make bricks, and make more bricks!!!"

    I had a late evening conversation with Merton Campbell (of the "Service Department" class ) about this, and he could offer no good explanation.

    Shortly after that, I left Bethel.

    SadElder, your observations are much along the same line of thought.

    Somewhat off-topic, but: remember Knorr's tirades about how the Bethel brothers shouldn't wear boxers? In his "new boy" talks, he strongly recommended briefs, as that form of underwear provided less "hang loose and get stimulated" opportunity.

  • Insomniac

    I was sternly informed by a well-meaning sister that my skirt, which was below the knee, loose-fitting, and black, was inappropriate for a sister because the fabric was denim. When she told me I should donate my brand spanking new skirt to Goodwill, I told her I sure wouldn't, it was from Calvin Klein and cost a lot (for me, anyway.) So then she goes into a tirade against worldly attitudes about extravagently expensive clothing designed by homosexuals in New York, even throwing in a comment about Jezebel and her hoochie outfits.

    I took great delight in wearing that skirt as often as I could to meetings and in service, until it pretty much wore out. What a silly thing for someone to get so worked up over.

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