What does the Society have against jeans?

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  • truthseeker

    Rarely will you find a picture of someone in the Awake or Watchtower wearing jeans. Even in there so-called paradise on earth illustrations, men can be doing dirty work in the farm, and be wearing slacks.

    For example, in the November 15th WT entitled, "Do you want to LIVE FOREVER?", page 7 has another paradise illustration, which has to be one of the most socially-engineered pictures I have ever seen.

    The caption, "Love for God and neighbor will make living forever worthwhile"

    There are about a dozen people in the picture, which is actually a photo, and they are all facing the reader, playing various musical instruments (never a keyboard or a drum kit) and ALL wearing smart clothes.

    Is everyone in the new system going to be wearing smart-casual?

    What is the problem they have with jeans? Soemthing against Levi?

    DId you know that if you are invited to Bethel for a social gathering, you are not allowed to wear shorts or jeans?

  • iiz2cool

    "Love for God and neighbor will make living forever worthwhile"

    That's laughable! They have no love for neighbor now, in the short term. What makes them think they're capable of doing it for an eternity?

    You reminded me of watchtower pictures where a family would be hiking on a rugged mountain trail, and the women would be wearing flowery dresses. What a joke!

    Maybe the Society has a lot of stock in the polyester industry.


  • Nosferatu

    It's simple. Jeans are a very common type of cloting. Damn near everyone wears them. The WTS sees this as a worldly trend and wants their people to be different from the world.

  • 24k

    It's simply an indication of the lengths to which a controling, cultish, religious authority will go to control the actions, emotions, and thinking of others. When pressed regarding issues such as wearing jeans, members will often say it's only a small thing, why make waves. This is a giving over of ones reasoning ability to the authority of the leadership. While wearing or not wearing jeans may be no big deal, why is it so improtant to the leadership?

    This type of control is practiced in almost every aspect of member's lives: Beards, extra curricular activities such sports or proms, the type of sex engaged in by married couples, the type of music and movies one listens to or watches, dress and groming as above mentioned... oh, and don't forget the use of pinatas, whether it's appropriate to tip your hat to a lady, etc.

    Romans 14: 3,4 "The man who eats everything must not look down on him who does not, and the man who does not eat everything must not condenm the man who does, for God has accepted him. Who are you to judge someone elses servant? To his own master he stands or falls. And he will stand, for the Lord is able to make him stand."

  • Mary

    Oh man, I can just see this one in the back of the WT:

    Question From Readers: Is there anything scripturally wrong with a Christian wearing blue jeans?

    Answer: Blue jeans were invented over 100 years ago and were regularly worn by farmers during harvest time as a practical garment. Gradually, over the last century, emphasis has shifted from just farmers wearing to where the whole world is encouraged to purchase and wear blue jeans. Is this something that Christians should be concerned about? Yes it is. Satan the Devil, the master deceiver, has used the art of subtly, greed and lust has put it into the hearts of man to promote the wearing of blue jeans to try and turn away the righteous from Pure Worship. How does he do this?

    Well, we see many movie stars who wear tight-fitting blue jeans when they're obviously not farmers. The only other reason someone would wear such a garment is to try and draw attention to one's own sensual body and to try and excite members of the opposite sex and trick them into committing fornication or adultery. Blue jeans put emphasis on the gluteous maximus and by wearing tight fitting blue jeans, some people have experienced health problems and worse, have been enticed to masturbate as the friction from the blue jeans rubs their privates in a very non-Christian way. Masturabation is self-serving and is one short step away from fornication. If we want to keep ourselves clean and undefiled from this wicked world, shouldn't we avoid all of Satan's snares, including blue jeans? It may seem like an innocent thing, but as we've shown, wearing blue jeans can lead to immorality. Is your relationship with Jehovah worth the comfort of this particular garment?

    The bible says: "Clothe yourselves with love, for it is a perfect bond of union." There is no mention in the bible of Jesus or any of his disciples wearing blue jeans. There is, however, much evidence that shows bluejeans were worn during the Birthday celebrations of Pharaoh and Herod, which resulted in two deaths, thus showing that blue jeans are from pagan origin.

    Therefore, it would be wise for serious-minded Christians not to stumble others in the congregation, by wearing blue jeans.

  • blondie

    There was a picture in a WT book a few years ago that showed a woman in a dress climbing a ladder to pick apples.

    The conductor asked what we could see in the picture. I raised my hand and said it must have been a man who drew it because a woman would never wear a dress to climb a ladder.

    All the sisters laughed and said they thought the same thing. The conductor didn't know what to say since one of them was his own wife.

    Jeans are rarely seen (I did see one a few years ago but the person was doing hard labor and it was a man).

    At least the men are depicted in casual clothing. The women/girls are always in dressings and high heels even if they are on a picnic walking on grass.

  • Nosferatu
    There was a picture in a WT book a few years ago that showed a woman in a dress climbing a ladder to pick apples.

    LOL! All the men would be thinking, "There's some nice juicy apples I'd like to pick!" Then Jehovah strikes them dead.

  • Dan-O
    There was a picture in a WT book a few years ago that showed a woman in a dress climbing a ladder to pick apples.

    The conductor asked what we could see in the picture.

    What was obviously missing was the group of adolescent boys standing under the ladder & peeking up the woman's dress.

  • avishai

    Lmao @ mary.

  • DanTheMan

    Mary, were you on the writing committee at one time? LOL!

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