What does the Society have against jeans?

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  • Mary
    Mary, were you on the writing committee at one time? LOL!

    I was, but they kicked me off for wearing blue jeans and getting the old farts geezers all hot and bothered.....

  • Corvin

    The depictions in the publications are such hold-overs from Leave It To Beaver and Father Knows Best days. If I am going to live in paradise forever, I want to run around naked just like Adam and Eve did. It wouldn't truly be paradise otherwise!


  • shotgun

    They should have Dirty Harry on the cover of that Nov WT

    "Do you want to LIVE FOREVER?", Well do ya Punk!

    Mary, don't mention tight jeans and hot farts in the same sentence.

  • frankiespeakin

    When I was in Bethel in the mid 1970's I used to wear jeans. It was allowed,,but then Grant Suiter(GB) gave a few mourning speaches durring breakfast about the evils of wearing jeans,, also the evils of flushing the toliet after you pissed in it and wasting all that water,,which cost the WT money.

    After a few of his(Grant's) speaches it then became law,, no one was to wear jeans at bethel either for work cloths or casual. Grant tried to sell the idea that jeans were something only (or mostly) homosexual men wore and since homo's set the fashion trend of wearing jeans and wearing jeans may mean your homosexual,,(a kind of twisted logic), on that basis he mixed up the wearing of jeans with homosexuality.

    BTW I still wore jeans at bethel because I was broke, and still had a few pair that were new and comfortable. Even with the ban in Bethel no one ever stopped me when I was wearing them,, to tell me I couldn't wear them,, they would hint and say, "you know you shouldn't be wearing these at bethel".

  • JH

    I NEVER saw a sister in a nice pair of tight sexy jeans

  • Elsewhere

    I have no problem with a woman climbing a ladder in a dress!

  • Badger

    I temped at Bethel once, and I never got yelled at for wearing jeans...

    But, I did notice that no one else did...at least they didn't expect me to get a new wardrobe just to temp in.

  • Leolaia

    frankiespeakin.... Hey, it wasn't just Grant's belief, or at least his views filtered down to the local level. In my congregation, far-flung from Bethel, we were told that homosexuals wear jeans so therefore it is "wrong" to wear them. I didn't understand the logic in that...

  • Tuesday

    It must be the blasphemous way Jeans companies will name themselves after the priest class of Israel.

  • Nosferatu

    I wonder what would happen if a guy wore a dress at Bethel

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