Howard Stern set free...

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  • truthseeker1

    Its so we can express our beliefs w/out fear of being killed.

  • ColdRedRain
    Ok. I'm no prude. Really. But the couple of times I heard him (in Chicago-I was there on business) I couldn't believe my ears! Smut for smut's sake. Then, again, I think about the same thing of Limbaugh.

    I may have been out of the loop for a while since I've been in the hospital, but the last time I listened to Rush, he didn't have jokes about lesbianism, porn stars or Jews being cooked in ovens.

  • ColdRedRain

    Stern's a retard for going on a medium that has little if any content. It's too early in this medium's life to start jettisoning regular band radio. Maybe in 10 years, it would be feasable.

  • Confucious


    I think that's the point.

    The trail blazer in life (less I use the word Pioneers) do things on their own terms.

    Sure. Satelite Radio and all that is new.

    But if anyone can - HE can to sent the new standard.



  • heathen

    Just what kind of new standard is that ? I just don't get why people seem to put stern as some kind of Icon of entertainment . He has absolutely no friggen class whatsoever . If the sky is the limit this guy keeps sinking lower and lower . I don't even like his show on E network , it might even be interesting if they did actually show some naked women but nooooooooooo they have to edit out stuff . I won't miss him anywhere he goes ........

  • Confucious


    I do understand where you are coming from.

    I'll tell you why I think he's popular. Or at least the other half likes him.

    I love Howard Stern because people either LOVE HIM or HATE HIM.

    There's really no in between.

    You either get his "shtick" or you don't.

    But here's where I think his attraction lies...

    Howard Stern's ACT is that he's makes you feel like he's your best friend sitting with you at a strip club.

    Let me explain...

    Picture two best friends at work in the office.

    All day long they are polite. Politically corret.

    Then work is over and these two guys are drinkng beers at the strip club.

    They'll talk about the boss. They'll talk about the secretary they want to bang.

    They'll talk and just be honest.

    Have you ever heard Howard Stern do a radio commercial???

    In my market, Howard Stern did a couple of commercials for local businesses and I tell you... they were amazingly effective because he didn't come off as fake. But he came off as your "best friend" saying "HEY - you have to check this out."

  • heathen

    Confusious---- Dude , The fact is the guy is not your best friend so let's not be delusional about it . He only cares about 1 thing and that's Howard Stern . They must have paid him a fortune to do a commercial , that's why he did it , not because he has any concept of comradory with anybody in his audience . It's all fake , there is nothing real about Howard Stern ..............

  • FMZ

    Heathen... then, you think there is something "real" about celebrities with "class"?

    I have to disagree, strongly in fact. I think they all put a show on to make us think they are amazing people, all posh and classy, and better than us.

    That's not what Stern is about. Stern is as "real" as they come. No, sure, he may not be our buddy at the bar, but if I met him at the bar, I get a sense that he would be exactly the same as on his show. That is to say, he'd speak his mind about how he sees things. I actually respect that, moreso than I respect Rush Limbaugh... you know why? Because Rush thinks he is better than Stern because he talks about things like politics and thinks the word "boob" is dirty.

    There was a demand for fun entertainment on the radio, and Stern filled it, and well.


  • onacruse

    People like Howard Stern remind me of certain adolescent politicians (some of whom we might know): "Listen to me, listen to me, I'm the president, and don't you forget it!

    Good Lord in heaven: proof-positive of anti-evolution.

  • FMZ

    Stern must be prehistoric cause he says words like "bang" and "boob"....


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