Howard Stern set free...

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  • Confucious


    Howard Stern is leaving Clear Channel because they didn't stand up to him when the FCC gave them presure.

    So in 2006, Howard Stern will go to Satelite Radio.

    My opinion first and then the quote...

    "You made millions from this man's talent. Stick by him."

    Clear Channel didn't.

    So here we go... Here is Howard Stern's quote.

    "The FCC ... has stopped me from doing business," Stern said during his on-air announcement. "Clear Channel, you (expletives), I will bury you."

  • FMZ

    Hellyeah Confucious... And you know.. I have no doubt that Stern will revolutionize Satellite radio just as he revolutionized talk radio all those years ago.


  • Confucious


    I agree.

    It's NOT the fact that the FCC came down on Stern.

    We knew that was going to happen.

    But for Clear Channel not to stand up for him is crazy.

    I stand up to my employees for the stupidest things. SOMETIMES, even if they are in the wrong.

    He's going to kick some ass.


  • nb-dfed

    I love Howard. I hope he's on XM, not Sirius, or I'm in trouble! Clear Channel is clearly smoking crack.

  • Elsewhere

    I was listening to his show this morning when he announced this. It sounds like he has some very big plans on what he wants to do with his new-found freedom in satellite radio.

    Sorry NB, he is going to Sirius.

  • CoonDawg

    Yep...he's headed to Sirius Satellite Radio. He'll be uncensored there and can go wild. XM just got Opie & Anthony on their lineup. They were banned by the FCC about 2 years ago. They are on a premium channel that costs above and beyond your basic subscription. I already have a morning drive show on XM that I'm into...."Morning Sedition" with Mark Maron and Marc Reilly (part of the Air America lineup).

    I hope that Stern does well...even though he's not really my bag.


  • Satanus

    Howey was in jail?


  • heathen

    OHhhh come on people , how long can lesbianism stay funny . He couldn't make me laugh if I were on laughing gas . As far as I'm concerned the only thing howard stern did for radio was take a respectable buisness and turn it into trash . I was never a fan ............

  • FMZ

    I was wondering when a detractor would post, it was longer than I thought.

    Each to their own, Heathen. I think he is just a down-to-earth guy, doing and saying what a lot of men want to do. Are you saying you don't laugh at the odd dirty joke at the water cooler? C'mon, it's adult entertainment for adults.


  • heathen

    I've actually had guys crack me up with some dirty jokes but stern is so friggen lame It just doesn't work for me ............

    heathen of I'm as hip as the next guy class ..........

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