Howard Stern set free...

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  • Tuesday

    Sometimes Stern is funny, it's more so his ad libs that make me laugh, his scripted stuff is a little too Springer-esque which is far past it's prime. It's time for him to do an updated product. I wasn't surprised when Clear Channel didn't stick up for him, seriously this is the channel that had a 3 page list of songs none of their channels could play after 9/11. They're really restrictive, just the fact they had Stern was pretty amazing in itself but when Stern "crosses the line" with the FCC they won't go to bat for him. Like when AOL merged with Time Warner one of the CEO's hated wrestling and thought it was completely trashy entertainment (at the time it was with some of the angles) so the second he found an excuse he sold WCW, same with Clear Channel I think they were just looking for an excuse to get rid of Howard, no matter how many millions he makes them it's still tons of bad press.

  • slipnslidemaster

    My broker laughed yesterday when I purchased Sirius stock but even though I haven't called him in about 4 years, he still remembers me from my Internet stock picks in the 90's.

    Oh and Sirius's stock symbol is SIRI.

  • BrendaCloutier

    Dear dear Howard, the original shock jock, unleashed.

    I hope his time passes, and soon. I'm a detractor, and I think he is one of the worst things to happen to radio.

    Ok. I'm no prude. Really. But the couple of times I heard him (in Chicago-I was there on business) I couldn't believe my ears! Smut for smut's sake. Then, again, I think about the same thing of Limbaugh.


  • slipnslidemaster

    Then don't listen?

  • jws

    For the people who want him off the public airwaves, he'll be gone.

    I love Howard and I'll have to be getting Sirius when he makes the switch. I think he overdoes it a lot though. I do get sick of all the strippers and such that he has on the show. I love the interviews though. Most of the time, he gets to the heart of the interviewee. He doesn't just pander to their stardom. He brings them to the level of regular people.

    As for the FCC, the things it dug up (at least according to Howard) were from years ago. Some of the things he got fined for are things that other broadcasters get a pass on. The FCC rules are truly abitrary and open to abuse. I truly think Howard was a target of the FCC because he started going after Bush hard and heavy. It's been this administrations policy to make life harder for anybody who criticizes it.

    As for Clear Channel, I don't get them. They seem very right-wing, but they are also syndicating Air America. So their dumping of Howard probably doesn't have to do so much with politics as concern over fines.

  • DIM

    I love Howard....looks like I'll have to follow him....

    Sometimes he's over the top, but mostly he's very interesting even if you don't agree with him. My favorite moment was when his feelings got hurt when Alanis Morrisette wouldn't come on his show so he banned all of her music....brilliant guy...

  • DaCheech

    He proved once that negative letters sent to the FCC were from few people, being paid

    from moral groups to stop him. These moral groups are getting alot of money donations

    and it's become a business, in return they pay retired people so much per envelope to

    send in to FCC and others!

  • freedom96

    I never have been a big fan of Stern.

    I do think that satalite radio is going to ultimately be huge, and be so far different than what we are used to.

  • truthseeker1

    I'm offended by him and thereby I think that nobody else should have a choice in listening to him.

    Just kidding. I'm glad he will have an unsensored show, thats what him and his audience wants. Now he has a medium to do business through. I wonder if his TV show will ever get on a premium cable channel and thus be unsensored....

  • BrendaCloutier
    Then don't listen?

    I don't. Same with Rush. As much as I don't like these (expletives deleted), I believe in freedom of speech, and I believe they have purpose. Just what it is, I'm not sure.... Cheers Brenda

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