WT WARNING EXAMPLES: Anybody see this video?

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  • Panda

    I thought the movie Koresh showed was Apocalyse Now?

  • truthseeker1

    Anyone remember what scripture the spear through the groin was? I wanted to look that up but I forgot where it was.


  • Shakita

    Hey TS1,

    That account is found at Numbers 25:6-8. Makes ya wince, doesn't it?

    Mr. Shakita

  • cyber-sista

    I can only say that having an elder tell me this story in regard to how Jehovah feels towards my daughter really sent me over the top along with a myriad of other things. The worst part was he seemed to be enjoying himself when he said this to me. That day after these things were said I went home in shock told my husband I was sick and crawled in bed for 3 days. I continually have flashbacks to this conversation--many times waking up in the night with this horrible conversation in my head. I was handed this video to watch after this conversation--it further added to my trauma. Months later I sought therapy. This elder has daughters and I am afraid for them. Threatening your children with this type of sicko stuff will surely do some serious damage to their lives.

  • Nosferatu

    Nos : I saw the "YPA: How Can I Make Real Friends" after I left. I add : ((()))

    LOL ... (Sometimes their bullshit works sometimes it doesn't)

    Awww, you love me!!! :)

    Yeah, that video sucked. The acting sucked. The story sucked. They should've just used an episode of the Barenstein Bears or the Get-a-long Gang. That would've made more sense than the crap they put together.

  • cyber-sista

    Was this the last WT video that was released or have their been any others since then? I still have family with small children in the Org and I am seriously concerned for them. If I took one clue that something was seriously wrong when I saw the damage being done to the younger ones-I could see the first hand effect it had on my kid. Glad we escaped before it killed us as a family.

  • Voyager




    Warm Appeal to Heed Warning Examples for Our Day

    All of us can fortify our determination to maintain our integrity by taking to heart the lessons learned from the Bible drama portrayed in the video Warning Examples for Our Day. Before watching it, please read Numbers chapter 25 and the background material in Insight on the Scriptures, Volume 2, page 419, paragraphs 3-5. Then answer these questions: Who were the Moabites, and why did Jehovah tell Moses not to wage war against them? (Deut. 2:9) How did Balaam scheme to use the Moabites to destroy the nation of Israel? Why should we not forget that many Israelites failed a vital test just before entering the Promised Land??1 Cor. 10:11, 12.

    While watching the Warning Examples video, think about the following four areas of life that we must give serious attention to today if we are to prove faithful and enjoy God?s favor. (1) Attitude: How had some Israelites shown a wrong attitude toward Jehovah and his arrangements? Instead, what attitude should we strive to reflect? (2) Associations: Why did Jehovah not want the Israelites to become friends with the Moabites? (Ex. 34:12; Prov. 13:20) Why must we choose our friends wisely? (3) Morals: Into what serious sin did bad associations lead some 23,000 Israelites? (1 Cor. 10:8) Today, what has lured some of God?s people into committing immorality, but how can we protect ourselves? (4) Worship: How were the Israelites tested as to the purity of their worship? To what subtle form of idolatry might some succumb today, but how can we avoid it??Col. 3:5.

    In the drama, how was Jamin blessed for his moral integrity? By means of this video, what warm appeal is the Governing Body making to all true Christians? If you are a family head, why do you feel it would be wise for your household to view this program again and again?


    Voyager--Hope this helps!

  • Undaunted Danny
    Undaunted Danny

    The more things change in dub-land the more they stay the same.

    It's scripted from the DC drama summer 1979 i saw it at the Bayfront Center St. Pete. Florida.

    It was scary back then too, the next drama almost back to back was the ole standby of Dathan and Korah rebels being swallowed up for "insulting" Moses authority.

    This was hot linked to the dire warning to never affront the "appointed of Jehovah" and the new catchphrase APOSTATE was introduced to supplant the now worn out EVIL SLAVE.

    Yes sir i was there,a 22 year old young buck with a hundred sisters chasing me and a rotted out bowel from ulcerative colitis.

    1979 was the ONE HUNDRED YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF THE WATCHTOWER IN PRINT! It was also the end of the post 1975 4 year extension of "were just wating on how long it took Adam to name the animals"....

  • cyber-sista
    In the drama, how was Jamin blessed for his moral integrity? By means of this video, what warm appeal is the Governing Body making to all true Christians? If you are a family head, why do you feel it would be wise for your household to view this program again and again?


    thanks I remember this KM. I was half in half out of JW world at that point in time. That last sentence really bothered me then as it does even more so now. I thought at the time--that sure sounds like brainwashing...Imagine a father forcing his children to watch this video over and over again....The warm appeal part got me too.

  • OICU8it2

    Holy cow! What'll they show next? Beheadings?

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