Good god, let the child die !

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  • Abaddon

    Just so you guys without a National Health System which is free (well, we pay for it in taxes but not when we need it) know, the parents don't have to pay a single penny for what is happening.

    Given the choice between spending limited public funds on a poor baby that will likely die or live in agony, and treatments that will save lives of people or transform their quality of life, I know where the money should go.

    If the parent's object to the decisons of trained personel who have to balance the needs of individuals against the needs of other patients, whilst considering likely outcomes, then they can go private; it is very unlikely that doctors would go to court to withdraw treatment of a paying patient.

    Seems to me the kindest thing would be for mum and dad to be handed their baby unplugged from all the paraphinalia that keeps it alive, and hold it close whilst it slips away.

  • squinks


    I couldn't agree more. One must also consider her emotional pain if she lives through the cause of the physical. I work in Special Education and daily see the plight of children who cannot give or receive love and are incapable of forming friendships. That is true suffering.

  • xjw_b12

    That is so heart wrenching, and unfortunately no one can precisely predict what the outcome will be.

    Of course for every success story we hear about, (Doctors proved wrong), there are many more cases we don't know about where the parents live a life of anquish, trying to raise thie child. And who knows how the child feels, if they are unable to communicate completely.

    Unfortunately cases like this, and even those that are less severe, end up in Infantcide.

    Those here in Canada, will remember the case of Robert Latimer, who took his 12 year old daughter Tracy ( severe Cerebral Palsy ) and put her in the back of his pickup truck, and hooked up a hose from the exhaust and she died from carbon monoxide poisoning.

    This case really divided the country, with dissenting opinions.

    And an irony here. If the parents were JWs and the baby required blood to keep her alive, the doctors would probably be before the courts to get an injunction.

    Darren , Debbie and Charlotte May they have peace, no matter what the decision

  • kls

    It is not an easy thing to watch a baby suffer and that is what many do . When my grandson was born he seemed normal but soon complications stated showing as he was rushed into surgery it was found that almost all of his intestines were dead from a huge mass that had grown when in the womb. He was hooked up to all life saving machines a new born could handle. The only conclusion was death and we all knew it but we could have kept him a little longer on life support but we had a family conference and decided to let him go and that was the hardest decision but the best for him. Why keep anyone alive to comfort the living if there is no life in the dyeing person . To me it is just selfishness.

  • Simon

    Well, the right decision has been made IMO

    But Charlotte's parents, Darren, 32, and Debbie, 23, both committed Christians, argued that, as she has survived this far, she must be given every assistance to help her live

    Why, why, why am I not surprised? I said the Angharad that I bet the parents were religious - what a surprise! It seems that the more devout someone is then the further removed from humanity they become.

  • frenchbabyface

    Well when parents can't understand (and I can understand they don't want to) it is to the docs (who know that it won't lead anywhere good for the bady) to just let go ... you don't ask the parent (it's too hard somehow for some people) ... now if the court/law can help the docs to make the choice (if there is one to make for real serious reasons in regard of the potential futur of the baby with proofs and serveral professional opinions), it's even better ...

  • home_and_dry

    I was under the impression that the parents are Witnesses. I was watching Richard & Judy yesterday and just as I switched it on they were discussing this case and one of the women who they had on said 'But about the Jehovah's Witness thing' but then someone started speaking over her so nothing more was said. I can only find information on the net from news reports that describes them as 'commited christians' but this woman certainly mentioned something about them being dubs.

  • Scully
    Mr Wyatt, 33, told the judge: "When you get to the stage when you grow to love someone, you can't just throw them away like a bad egg and say you will get a different egg."

    Sure they can. All they would need is for an announcement from the KH platform saying that So-and-so "is disfellowshipped/disassociated". Then it's perfectly OK in JW-land to "throw them away" like a piece of garbage and treat them like they're dead.

    Love, Scully

  • Navigator

    My daughter is an RN who has worked in the intensive care unit of a nationally known childrens hospital here in the USA. She says that the ability to keep "premies" alive has progressed to the point beyond what is either ethical or reasonable. She has been forced to keep infants alive on machines who were suffering horribly and had no chance at any meaningful life or would ever be able to go home until the parents made the decision to "let them go". Cost is not a factor. It doesn't matter whether or not the parents can pay for the care, the hospital must do what the parents say. Ever wonder why hospital charges are so high? It looks as though Jesus may have wasted his time in demonstrating that there is no reality in death. Why is it that "committed Christians" believe that the only life is life in the body?

  • frenchbabyface

    reading what you've said about the matter Navigator : It also looks like "Experience" (cobbay) to me ... (the baby can't say how much he suffers ...)

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