Were there any cliques in your congregation?

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  • iiz2cool

    There were 2 cliques in my congregation. There was me, and there was everyone else.


  • Devils Advocate
    Devils Advocate

    JWS - You make some good points and I respect your opinion. I guess I'm just disgusted with the all the whining that goes on in this forum, and the administrators who think they are god here, making up rules as they see fit. I guess what really bugs me is they way no one here seems to have any balls, period. Just a lot of belly aching (which I'm doing right now). But I did appreciate your post. Nice to konw someone here uses logic instead of emotion for a change.

  • Undaunted Danny
    Undaunted Danny

    I guess what really bugs me is they way no one here seems to have any balls, period. Just a lot of belly aching (which I'm doing right now)

    Undaunted Danny's reply.I am the "Watchtower Whistleblower" www.DannyHaszards.com

    I spend 'over' a $1,000.00 a month out of my own pocket.I DO put my money where my mouth is.

    The WT$ goons for god have me in the top 10 apostate most wanted hit list.

    Come and get me goons.....

  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    The WT$ goons for god have me in the top 10 apostate most wanted hit list.

    Er,this is a joke i presume??

  • darkuncle29

    In my mind a clique is an exclusive group or subgroup. When my family first moved to Washington state in the late 80's, our congregation was very open and fun. There were groups, but they tended to not be rigidly exclusive. The other congregation that shared our hall was the opposite, very controlled, clique-y, and showing signs of burn out. Over time, people from the other congregation moved over to ours, some of the better people. The human beings. but by the mid to late 90's our cong had evolved into less than what it had been, and more like the other group. I have'nt been there in over six years, but from reports from friends who still have family there, the group is pretty sad off.

  • Undaunted Danny
    Undaunted Danny

    A milieu most entrenched with the clique/caste system is the penitentiary. Hmmm,how true only prisons have Watchtowers. The Watchtower building - US headquarters of the Jehovah's Witnesses

  • Midget-Sasquatch

    This may be yet another post where you all think I must have constantly been wearing rose tinted glasses, but here goes:

    All the adults in the foreign language congregation I grew up in did all sorts of things together.And many of them had different educational backgrounds, jobs, incomes, and were from different regions of the mother country.

    With us teens though it was exactly like the sub-cultures you'd find at school.

    When that congregation was disbanded and we all went to the english, my father and the other adults were confronted with many people who didn't ever bother to try to broaden out. Alot of them were dissillusioned with the english.

    I'm glad the pricks...oops...JW teens....I grew up with were more natural about it and cliquish because it helped to keep things real for me. Actually there were two really nice ones (heartwise) that would even risk their cool status to talk to a loser like me.

  • kilroy2

    I dont mean any disrespect to your question, but asking if there was cliques in a congergation, is like asking do you study the watchtower on sunday, yaaaaa

    some are worse than others, but they all got em,

  • Nosferatu
    I was even a rebel but did not fit in to the rebel group

    I hear that one!

    I was part of a 2 member group called the "outcasts". Me and one older brother who sadly passed away from cancer in 2000. His funeral was a disgrace and was incredibly offensive to me. He was a good person, but, unlike all good funerals where eulogies are given, we got a talk about the resurrection.

    I will never attend another JW funeral.

  • booker-t

    I remember when I was growing up as a JW there was an elder in our hall that lived in a very nice home and his wife wore the most expensive clothes around. They would not let people sit down in their living room because they did not want dirt or sweat on their furniture. I overheard this elder make a comment about another brother who was a MS "he needs to stop buying his clothes at "K-Mart". I was so shocked as a 14 year old JW that there were JW snobs around. I thought that JW would accept all no matter how rich or poor you were. I heard through the grapevine that this elder was Df'd years ago

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