Were there any cliques in your congregation?

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  • badboy

    Hope I spell cliques right?

    Know what I mean?

  • Englishman

    Yes there were.

    Strangely enough, it tended to mirror the UK class system (which is not dead yet!) The committee were generally from the white-collar secular management class. The underlings were from the blue-collar dept, skilled / unskilled manual workers.


  • Mutz

    More cliques than you could shake a stique at

  • bull01lay

    LOL at Mutz!!

    All the old congs I attended DEFINITELY had 'cliques'... you were either a memeber of the Elite, or a nobody!


  • Mutz

    We had the Super-Righteous Clique, the Young Regular Pioneer Clique, the Witnesses With Money Clique, the Young Witness Secret Rebel Clique to name a few.

  • Simon

    Ours had two main factions, centred around two particular elders and their families. There was open disagreement, often from the platform. Looking back it was pitiful but of course everyone was taking it seriously (and taking sides) at the time.

  • Tuesday

    There were alot in my congregation: the young jock clique, the trekker clique, the airhead clique, the uber spiritual clique, the single mom clique, the old school witness clique, the elders, the ministerial servants were either in the young jock clique or in the uber spiritual clique, the ones that really didn't want to be there clique, and then me.

  • dorothy

    Can we name names?

  • Scully


    Can we name names?

    I was kind of hoping you would say who it was that ass-smothered your lunch at the assembly day....

    Love, Scully

  • Undaunted Danny
    Undaunted Danny

    The saga of the,COOLS vs. the GEEKS

    The compulsion to be "COOL" at all cost.What it means to be 'exemplary'.Exemplary means that you '$how what you owe'.

    In 1989 a leading elder { that I trusted } taps me on the shoulder and tells me how he has telephoned the WT$ H.Q. Ivory tower,to inquire on,"how much longer can it last"."It can only 'last' just a few more months is the ominous reply".

    Yes sir, this is heavy on my heart. Just how will I be 'found in the day of Jehovah's anger'?Will I 'probably' be saved?How do I conduct myself with the horrific death of nearly 6 billion men women and small children on my conscience?Will I be found 'blood-guilty' for not serving Jehovah to the fullest.[Col.3:23]

    Who, should I look to as an example?What about the resident'Bethelite'?He just did a stint at Brooklyn and was a ministerial servant,and is looked up to as "exemplary". He is also considered to be the 'coolest' guy in the hall.In fact he drives a 'cool' two door Saab coupe.{the sisters are drooling over him}.He also subscribes to 'worldly',Rolling stone and Spin magazines.So he can be current with all the latest coolest 'worldly'. trends.

    In contrast,I have heeded the WT$'s directive to only purchase a modest,$1,500.00 four door family style sedan.it's very plain and ordinary (geeky) I think it s**ks,I'm a 4X4 pickup man myself.But the Ivory tower say's only buy four door sedansFamily Road Trip to facilitate,'car groups' for the sacred door to door 'field service'.

    I'm making $50,000.00 a year and I drive a 's**t box'.because i am donating all my profits to the Watchtower $ociety.I am also at (age 29) still living with mom and dad, to economize on living expenses. I keep my nearly blind from birth mom,furnished with all the necessary appliances for sure.I even bought her a 25" color TV from K-mart.While the most popular( exemplary) family in the church has a wide screen TV.

    I bought with cash, for a pioneer, a better car than I have.I am giving thousands of dollars to the Watchtower's world wide work,while my family and I lives modestly.

    For all my sincere earnest toil and goodness,I am loathed and ridiculed by my brothers and sisters at the Rockland Massachusetts congregation.

    Sneering at me behind my back.Yes,they tried to pin a 'kick me sign' on my back.Squeezed into their mold a dumb geek,"who is so dum,why he doesn't have the sense to be cool like us". Star 1

    This is the event that set me free.The god of these ass"wholes" is not the God i will serve.

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