Were there any cliques in your congregation?

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  • willyloman

    tres: yes, we too had cliniques in our congo. Someone was always conducting one. Some I remember included the how to dress clinique, the how many doors should our car have clinigue, and the best way to underline your watchtower clinigue. These weren't always well attended.

  • Gordy

    In the congregation I was in most of the cliques were made up of family groups.

    You know there would be the Grandparents the original JW members, then their married children, the grandchildren etc. Then when one member of another family group married the member of another family group, so the clique grew. There were about 4 such cliques in the congregation, all members would sit in the same area. In fact I think it was the only way the congregation grew.

  • badboy

    Thanks for the information,everyone

  • Lil OLady
    Lil OLady

    The insightful replies that we tend to gravitate to those with similiar interests and backgrounds is an acknowledge fact; but - in the Watchtower organization we were not at one with the world and needed the friendship and comradeship of those of like faith and all that this religion imposed on our way of life.

    What I observed that after Knorr became president and the influx of brand-new JW converts, that these new members did not have the same wartime experiences of hatred that the seasoned JW's their same age did. The new converts had their own social events. Our past created a reality which they did not share. The thought of binding together for strength and nourishment would make the unit stronger other than at meetings and assemblies, did not occur to them.

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