My cat Kato... is hurt?

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  • Jim_TX

    My cat Kato... is part siamese. He is usually a clown... and attacks me in the morning as I walk down the hall to the shower. Silly cat.

    Well... some weekends, I leave him at home alone - while I go visit my aunt for a day and a half. I usually come in Sunday afternoon, greet him, and then let him outside for some 'play time'.

    There have been a few occassions where... pissed... he runs out - and I don't see him until the next morning.

    Today, I let him out - after greeting him, and he went out and disappeared - looking to have some fun and sun.

    This evening, I opened the door - and turned on the porch light. I can usually hear his 'bell' on his collar when he comes up the steps onto the porch, wanting to be let in.

    Well... I heard a bell... but it was the neighbors' cat - also wanting in. But... there was Kato lying on the porch. I told the neighbors' cat to go away - which she did, and Kato just lay there.

    I called him... and he finally - reluctantly, struggled to his feet... and limped through the opened screen door, into the living room.

    OH MY GOSH!!! I was thinking... Kato got hurt!!!

    He had laid down inside - on the living room carpet... and so I shut the screen door and immediately went to him - expecting to see a half-mangled front foot - or something.

    Well... I knelt down, and gently picked up his foot... which was through his collar - causing him to limp.

    I removed his foot - he got up 'healed' *mental a preacher yelling 'You ARE HEALED!'* - and walked over to his food dish to eat.


    Always the clown.

    I have tightened his collar... again. Someone in the neighborhood... who he 'visits' keeps loosening it - thinking he will 'strangle' himself, I suppose... but it's a special collar that has an elastic doo-dah - that will stretch apart (and possibly break) - IF - he ever gets it caught on anything.

    (I wish they would leave his collar alone.)

    So - Kato is okay... he was just in here - after eating some yummy canned kitty food, and getting a good lap-petting from me.

    Tomorrow is another adventure.


    Jim TX

  • Odrade

    LOL! Good story Jim. Darn cat.


  • Insomniac

    Wow, Jim. They sure like to make us worry, don't they? My own little beastie, NewMoon, has taught himself how to vomit on cue, whenever I go away for the weekend. I'm sure glad your little buddy is ok!

  • RR

    Quick, somebody call the Green Hornet!

  • Sassy

    you scared me Jim!

  • ApagaLaLuz

    Whew! Jim! Dont do that to me! Glad to hear everything is fine though *muah*

  • Princess

    Glad your cat is OK Jim. You could attach a note to his collar that reads:

    this is a special collar that has an elastic doo-dah - that will stretch apart (and possibly break) - IF - he ever gets it caught on anything.

    LOL...might work


  • Country_Woman

    This morning I got a telephone call from Viv: She was in the bathroom when she was hearing a loud: bing-bang-bang-bing and she thought. "Oh my god the kittens are in the kitchen stealing and or destroying the china."

    Thus she called them and they were coming to here: one of them Jinxy with his head in an open tin of cat-food, which he was unable to get off his head. walking and bumping into everything and nothing.

    It was too funny. She was sorry that she did'nt take a picture (but was afraid that he was hurt by the sharp can).

    They are adorable

  • Jim_TX

    Hmmm... let's sww iffn I can post a photo of Kato...

    Not sure if this will work...


    Jim TX

  • bisous

    that is funny Jim, my dog has done that too....immediately disabling himself...cracks me up

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