Date someone who already is dating someone?

by logansrun 43 Replies latest social relationships

  • Nosferatu
    As long as you're not crashing a serious relationship & everyone knows the score, what's the harm?

    I agree with this. Hell, I dated up to 4 women at a time, but I found 4 to be a bit much. 3 ended up being my limit. I started dating my wife when I was already dating another girl, and flirting with many others.

    I say go for it. If she's completely dedicated to her boyfriend, she'll let you know. Who knows, she might be wanting to get rid of him and try something new!

  • FlyingHighNow
    Your intentions toward this big breasted damozel are noble are they not?

    Of course they are 100 % noble, that is why you have told us about her enormous knockers: you have noble intentions towards them. We believe you ever' bit. Bradley, isn't it tough being a guy? You're such easy targets when you put your feet in your mouths; but we love you, you know we love you.

  • Flash
    Do you think it is wrong to ask someone out who you happen to know already has a girl/boyfriend?

    No, I don't. The ONLY 'Hands Off' situation for me is if they are married. If she is not interested, she will tell me.

  • butalbee

    It could be a really sticky situation. Some women like to play around, flirt, when they are in a serious relationship. Which could really piss off her significant other. Just be careful.

    Why date someone you know might be coming home to someone else at the end of the night?

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