Sexism in the borg....sexist pigs the lot

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  • little1

    We didn't really get into it in depth. I hate to argue about religion, so I would just "poke" him from time to time to see what came up. I only went to the hall with him twice, church of any kind freaks me out these days. I knew what he was telling me was most likely bullsh*t, because I had heard years before how it was, and in my experience most fundamentalist religions think the same way. I was once prevented from going on a women's religious retreat because they said my husband had to go to the men's retreat first. He would have rather be boiled in oil. I was furious that MY spirituality was being hinged on HIS. Religion at its finest...

  • recoveringjw
    the WTS dont want venomous harridans embarrassing simple minded janitor elders, and taking over the org. i wonder how the org would be if women were in control?

    PD, I have a feeling that if women were in overt control, there wouldn't be an organization Sexism in the "borg" is one of the biggest reasons I left. Just thinking about all the repression and tryanny toward women makes me maaaaad Bethany

  • BrendaCloutier

    The Bible - OT and NT was written by men of middle eastern descent. Funny, but I have the most issues with "men of middle eastern descent". And the issues of male superiority come thru. I also find it interesting that Jesus enjoyed associating with women - of all kinds. I doubt that he was as sexist as his predicessors, or ascedents, especially Paul.

    So it goes that JW's would be highly sexist to the point that most wives and daughters are treated as slaves.

    Me? I have an IQ of over 140 and I was pulled out of h school as a sophomore because I had enough education to be a wife.

    I've overcome a great deal of this indoctrination (read brainwashing), but it still surfaces at times.



    PS What did god say when he made Adam? "I can do better than that!"
    However, when I have the opportunity to discuss creation with god, I will bring up the issue of female plumbing.

  • FlyingHighNow

    " Women are sugar and spice and everything nice"

    I LOVE women.

    [Final note:I have been assaulted equally by both the sexes.]

    Danny, we love you, too. That was a very wonderful post. For you:

  • Jez

    The apostle Paul had was with women. In 1 Cor, can't remember scripture but not hard to find...he states that women should be quiet in the congregation and if they have a question, they must go through their husbands, their husbands acting as even spokesperson for the wife. Paul does not say 'quiet in the sense of giving talks, or acting as elder, he does not quantify that statement. So why don't Jw's take that statement literally and state a law that women should be QUIET, period, while in the congregation. No, they manipulate his words to their own liking, watering it down a bit, just to appease the masses. This has always bugged me for 3 reasons:

    A) The entire bible itself is sexist and does not allow for positive societal changes, ie. status of women

    B) Paul wrote many things that from his own admission, "in my opinion," BUT many JW's 'principles' are based on Pauls' writings. Isn't he the prick that wrote about 'not even eating with such a man?' that ONE principle is the bases for the entire disfellowhipping practice. (Notable and off topic, is how Jesus went out of his way to be with ppl that society had 'marked)

    C) The 'QUIET' principle that Paul wrote about....a classic example of how JW's accept whatever principles or laws etc in the bible that suit their purpose and disregard others that do not.

  • Jez


    My JW mother's husband is an overseer in his congregation. Get this, he says to her all the time that it is biblical that she does not question his headship, does not make decisions on her own and serves him. He shows her from the bible all the time that this is true. My mother was not allowed to pick out new tile for her kitchen on her own. She is not allowed to buy a new stove even though the one she has is falling apart, because HE SAYS SO. He went and spend $1000 on paving their driveway (rental place) without even letting her know, then says, it is none of her business. He gives her an allowance. He tells her what she is allowed and not allowed to buy for groceries. It goes on....

    She balks in little ways but to do so overtly would cause such a fight that it is not worth it to her. THIS OVERSEER is on JUDICIAL committees that are dealing with women's issues!!!!!!! It is bad enough having only men trying to counsel you about things that only another women would understand, let alone this pig.'s bad in there....and sometimes worse for the older sisters whose husbands are old school in their views towards women and now have not only a licence to be so, but a pat on the back.

  • FlyingHighNow
    The apostle Paul had was with women.

    Well, yeah, what kind of person was Paul before God struck him blind? He was one of those jews who thought it was very hip and cool to stone Christians to death. He had serious issues alright.

    Beautiful is the man who sees and cherishes the TRUE beauty of the feminine gender. I'm not talking boobs and butts either. I mean underneath the skin.

  • DaCheech

    in Bibleland, when a woman bled, she was considered inpure (no one could touch her)!

    Also there were no equal rights.... JW's and WT propaganda would have you believe otherwise

    Example: If a man touched a virgin, all he had to do was pay the father money and take her

    Example: When david sinned with Bethsheeba, her son died (contrary to WT david did not really loose a son, since he never carried it for 9 months).

    Example: When Lot was visited by supposed angels, and Sodommites wanted to have sex with them, he offered his daughters to be gang banged instead!

  • Jez

    Thanks to Scully who posted this Question from the readers about holidays, 2001 in another post. Here is another example of sexism! Look at the wording and the fact that never is the option to just say NO given. Hubands can basically get away with anything if they choose to based on that scripture in Col...wait a minute...who wrote that book...was it PAUL????

    (Similarly, around holiday times an unbelieving husband might request or demandthat his Christian wife do something she would like to avoid. Consider some
    examples: He tells her to cook a certain food on the day he and others will
    celebrate a holiday. Or he demands that the family (including the wife) visit
    his relatives on that day for a meal or simply as a social call. Or even prior
    to the holiday, he might say that while his wife is out shopping, she must make
    some purchases for him - foods unique to the holiday, items to use as presents,
    or wrapping paper and cards to use with his gifts.

    Again, the Christian wife ought to be determined not to share in false
    religious acts, but what about such requests? He is the family head, and God's
    Word says: "You wives, continue in subjection to your husbands, as it is
    becoming in the Lord."
    (Colossians 3:18) In these cases, can she show wifely
    while being loyal to God? She must decide how to balance obedience
    to her husband with her overriding obedience to Jehovah.)

    At other times, her husband may ask her to cook a certain food, whether it is
    because it is his favorite or because he is used to having that meal in a
    particular season. She will desire to show love for him and recognition of his
    headship. Could she do so even if he made the request on the occasion of a
    holiday? Some Christian wives might be able to do so with a good conscience,
    simply considering it as a normal task of preparing the daily meal. Certainly
    no loyal Christian would attach any holiday significance to it, even if her
    husband did. Similarly, he might require her to be with him when he visits his
    relatives at various times each month or year. Could she do so even if it was
    the day of a holiday? Or would she normally be willing to purchase things at
    his request, without judging what he intends to do with the items she buys
    for him while doing her shopping?

  • Jez

    Wow, DaCheech...those are excellent again...

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