Draw Close Jeh, Since the elder is out I have to conduct tonight, any sugg?

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  • FairMind

    Hey! What's everybody so heated up about? DaCheech is not going to do anything self distructive. I know exactly where he is coming from and it is fun to fantasize about making leading comments. We all know where those comments would really lead, not to opening the eyes of others but to receiving the iron fist of organizational discipline for ourselves.

    Everyone is free to make choices in life. There is a lot that is good about WT teachings and there is a lot that is not so good. This can be said about all aspects of life, all other religions, political organizations and the world in general. We need to look at it all and individually choose what we feel is the best for ourselves. We, not others, are responsible for all of our choices.


  • NewYork44M

    I remember when I first started to fade while still an elder I was struggling with my sanity to such a degree that I could not even think about injecting independent thinking into my parts. However, it should have been clear that when I was saying the words about paradise, truth and etc, they were only words. I commend the efforts of DaCheech. I only wish I was able to do a similar act when I had a chance.

  • DaCheech

    RR: ""What does the Society say ...""

    According to instructions given to us we are to NOT say this when asked about whether we believe in something or not to do something. We are to say "the bible says so!"

    Also I just wanted to say that my best talks (get those "what a beautiful talk, brother xxxx") including #1 are when I copy word for word what is written in the publications

  • Jez

    I think you are doing ppl a favor. Anytime someone is willing to risk something for the good of others, gets a in my book. I wish someone had helped me a long time ago. I remember one time, I virturtually ruined a book study in the revelation book bec I was trying to sort out some very sketchy connections that were being made in the book. I had a whole diagram of "Daniels time" ready to show the conductor and ask questions. When the question came up in the book, I raised my hand and asked for help to understand this clearly. EVERYONE was stuck for an answer. NO one could answer me about why things did not add up correctly. The conductor was red with embarrassment, ppl stammered and stuttered, it was like force feeding a baby solid food. I was freaked out at their lack of understanding bec I was not doing this to take the piss, I was being honest in my quest for understanding. WELL, ended up the conductor said he would get back to me after he did some more research....still waiting.....

    I never answered right from the book, I always always always expanded and gave my own thoughts. Ppl didn't mind and respected me for that. I was always listened to keenly because I always went overboard on the research side and could back up my comments. I never bought into that whole 'comment is in the paragraph' thing. I had doubts about EVERYTHING since I was a teenager because of my natural curiosity. I WISH someone had cared enough to try to stop me from wasting life on this religion. From ppl like me who still exist because they are stuck in there......keep planting seeds of truth from the inside, you never know who you touch.

  • BluesBrother

    OK , It is easy for some to say "Try honesty" don't be a hypocrite... but there are sometimes reasons that make it terribly difficult to just stand up and be honest.

    I spent some time winding down from my former life as WT conductor , cong secretary, book study conductor etc.. in order to fade successfully. I was not proud to be conducting meetings that I did not really believe. I knew it was wrong. but neither was I ready to actually walk away. One has to think back to the dub mindset and accept how hard it is to get out and keep family connections alive.

    it is really quite easy to mouth the standard cliches and just go with it.. After all one has been saying them all your life.!

  • uriah

    Well, maybe flea man did not have anything to loose and could say 'Up yours everyone, I'm orf!' Many of us don't have that luxury and actually have families that we care about. It is not about 'Buying into' anything - and that is just management speak jargon to save having to actually explain - it is about people, feelings and the consequences of our actions and taking responsibilty and making the right decisions for our particular circumstances. I think that DC just wants to get the thought processes going - don't we all do it when talking with JW's to some extent? Don't we just drop in an odd word or question to start them thinking? Don't forget that most JW's don't think - they learn by rote and speak by rote. Okay, he may have said it in the way he did but his audience is this board where everyone knows what he means and I think that reprehensibility was the furthest thought from his mind and it was more tounge in cheek than anything. Maybe flea man should frequent e-watchman's site where he may read things more to his liking and leave us here to write what we like, in most cases, without being impugned with ignoble motives.

  • wannaexit
    All dacheech is doing is having a laugh at other peoples expense

    I don't think so.

    Once you see the light you want others to see it too.

    My husband has to also conduct the book study at times. And he always tries to include something that might make someone think for themselves.

    He does this because some in that bookstudy are dear friends and our hearts go out to them because they are mentally, emotionally and phisically enslaved to this organization. I think dacheech is trying to do the same.


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